A Tide of Shadows (The Chronicles of Llars Book 1)

A Tide of Shadows (The Chronicles of Llars Book 1)

Tom Bielawski

Language: English

Pages: 268


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Tom Bielawski is a bright light in today's dark sea of new writers. His writing gives me hope for the next generation of dreamers. I highly recommend both him and his works." - NYT Bestselling author, Tracy Hickman.

A dark and powerful magic, lost the world for centuries, stirs once more. The Dark Disciples, infamous villains once thought vanquished, have returned.

Carym of Hyrum, accused murderer, is freed from captivity by a band of criminals. To repay the debt he must undertake a quest to find the mythical Everpool and bring back a vial of its enchanted water.

Minions of a dark god hunt Carym, for he is the key to unlocking a power greater than their own. If they cannot turn him, they will destroy him.

This is the 5th edition. The 4th edition of this book was mistakenly uploaded in an unedited state, two times! My sincerest apologies to those affected by this error. Pleas contact me on FB page (TheChroniclesofLlars) and I will gladly send you a free book.

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At the bottom, he emerged in a large circular room where the druid was standing, expectantly. On the opposite side of the room, Carym saw the old druid’s wolf companion, Merkhan, with his frost colored fur, sleeping on a pile of pine straw. Merkhan was fiercely loyal to the old man who insisted that he held no spell of domination over the wolf. In fact, Dryume had hinted that this great wolf was in fact the spirit of a great man who lived long ago. A Ra’nzher, the druid called him. One who had

long ships were spotted on the horizon the next day. Messenger hawks dispatched from the lead ships reported as many as forty of the smaller, but more maneuverable, enemy long ships. The Prophet-General knew that the enemy fleet was fast and could get in between his massive warships with ease; he was counting on it. “My Lord,” spoke the Admiral. “The forward ships have engaged the enemy.” Shalthazar could hear the booms of cannon fire in the distance. “Excellent, Admiral-” the Prophet-General

the sharp mind of the wicked elf in the briefest of moments. But he put them aside as three of his most important lieutenants entered his office. “Colonel Sauger, Admiral Maynar, Colonel Nox, King Redskull,” announced Shalthazar’s servant. He smiled amiably at the men as the entered and took their places around his war-table. “Welcome, men! May the light of Ilian Nah shine on you,” the elf said benevolently. The ranking officers bowed their heads and said, “And you as well, Prophet.” Shalthazar

town known as “Inn Row.” This dock way ran the outer edge of the town with the ocean on their right and the shambling buildings, shops, and homes of Dockyard City on their left. Having never been to this place, Carym was amazed by the variety of merchants ranging from magic shops, arms and armor dealers, herb suppliers, mercenary offices, nautical suppliers, fortune tellers, temples to various gods and spirits, and several brothels with scantily clad women - and even a few men - soliciting

he found the officers’ galley. He opened the hatch, stepped over the lip, and entered the large but dimly lit room. A number of Yag’s officers were seated in various places among the few tables. Instead of chairs, the men sat on long benches that were fastened to the tables which were secured to the deck. Breakfast was an array of eggs, ham, and biscuits, placed in metal trays and sitting in fitted slots on one of the tables. He removed a metal plate from a drawer by the breakfast counter and

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