Angels of Vengeance

Angels of Vengeance

John Birmingham

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 0345502930

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When an inexplicable wave of energy slammed into North America, millions died. In the rest of the world, wars erupted, borders vanished, and the powerful lost their grip on power. Against this backdrop, with a conflicted U.S. president struggling to make momentous decisions in Seattle and a madman fomenting rebellion in Texas, three women are fighting their own battles—for survival, justice, and revenge.

Special agent Caitlin Monroe moves stealthily through a South American jungle. Her target: a former French official now held prisoner by a ruthless despot. To free the prisoner, Caitlin will kill anyone who gets in her way. And then she will get the truth about how a master terrorist escaped a secret detention center in French Guadeloupe to strike a fatal blow in New York City.

Sofia Peiraro is a teenage girl who witnessed firsthand the murder and mayhem of Texas under the rule of General Mad Jack Blackstone. Sofia might have tried to build a life with her father in the struggling remnants of Kansas City—if a vicious murder hadn’t set her on another course altogether: back to Texas, even to Blackstone himself.

Julianne Balwyn is a British-born aristocrat turned smuggler. Shopping in the most fashionable neighborhood of Darwin, Australia—now a fantastic neo-urban frontier—Jules has a pistol holstered in the small of her lovely back. She is playing the most dangerous game of all: waiting for the person who is hunting her to show his face—so she can kill him first.

Three women in three corners of a world plunged into electrifying chaos. Nation-states struggling for their survival. Immigrants struggling for new lives. John Birmingham’s astounding new novel—the conclusion to the series begun in Without Warning and After America—is an intense adventure that races from the halls of power to shattered streets to gleaming new cities, as humanity struggles to grasp its better angels—and purge its worst demons.

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wasn’t sure how long she lay on the bed, curled into a fetal ball, racked by violent sorrow. She checked her watch and found it was well after one o’clock when this particular episode of unrestrained anguish finally abated. Fifteen minutes may have passed, perhaps as much as an hour. Undeniably, though, she felt much better for having allowed it to run its course. Almost rested, in fact. Sofia dried her eyes and rubbed her face with the sleeve of her hooded sweatshirt. She took in a deep breath

checkpoints at every intersection between Fort Hood and Temple. He’s really been on our asses of late. I think it’s his idea of turning up the heat on Seattle because they won’t take him seriously about Morales. It can turn a half hour’s drive into a daylong adventure.” “Must play hell with his own people, no?” she suggested. “The spot checks are random,” Tusk Musso replied. “But they always seem to randomly select vehicles with federal plates and tags. So I send a couple of HEMMTs through here

them. A term from his childhood. Broccoli he wouldn’t eat, but trees he would. Just like their daughter now. There were times it drove Barbara batshit, right up there with the fart jokes when Barney Tench was around. He lifted down two square, white dinner plates from the crockery cupboard and wondered why they had to be square. What was wrong with round, normal-looking plates, for chrissakes? American dinner plates. Fucking Seattle; sometimes they just push things too far here. He definitely

the jihadist said. His voice was muffled by the injury and swelling. “He has been protecting himself.” “And what, you’re going to give up your hold on Blackstone for passage out of here with me?” Baumer carefully constructed a grin from the remains of his face. It was a tenuous thing, held together by force of will. “Not just out of here but out of America. With you, Caitlin. And with Mr. McCutcheon, who will take possession of the New York documents and recordings when I am safe.” “Road

nose in where it wasn’t really needed. President James Kipper could be quite the micromanager where Seattle was concerned. The city authorities resented the interference but happily accepted the federal government resources it delivered to them. “We’re fine, Mr. President,” Jed said. “There’s a few things I need to discuss with Sarah about this new job you’ve given us.” “Sarah, is that okay?” Kipper asked. “I’m sure I’ll be fine, sir,” Humboldt replied. “I don’t think he’s going to throw me

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