Back To Before - Megamorphs #4 (Animorphs)

Back To Before - Megamorphs #4 (Animorphs)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0439173078

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jake's finally weakened. After a grisly battle, the Drode offers the Animorphs' leader an escape from the terrifying pressure. He'll reverse the decision to start the Animorphs. Now, there's no morphing, no missions, and no knowledge of the Yeerks. That is, until very strange things begin to happen and Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco and Ax are forced to confront their new reality.


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pirouette. Much easier on the ground than on the balance beam. I snatched up a bottle and nailed the elbow of the man holding Marco. "Ah!" Marco slipped free. "RUN!" I yelled and yanked him with me. We ran. Back toward the street. But suddenly two new figures loomed in our path. The cell phone. The woman had called for help. Even then some part of my scared, adrenaline-saturated brain wondered what kind of woman could make a call and have tough guys showing up within seconds. "Back!" We

insides. Bad enough. But it was the power that turned fear into obligation, that laid the weight on our unready shoulders. We could become any animal we touched, the Andalite told us. Power enough to win? No. Power enough to fight? Ah, yes. Just enough, little Jake, here is just enough power to imprison you in a cage of duty, to make you fight. "Help me. I'm cold." Another battle. Another horror. Couldn't anything make it end? Was there no way out? Was I trapped, fighting, fighting till one

Stupid. He was in high school. Suddenly the cop car screeched to a halt. Crouched down I could see the big blue-and-white channel seven logo. Slam! I opened the door, slid out cautiously. Tom was running up the front steps of the four-story station building. Two cops were right with him. Both had guns drawn. And Tom . . . Tom was armed as well. Only it wasn't like any gun I'd ever seen. Absurd, I thought. Ridiculous. It was all part of some elaborate practical joke. Had to be. Because

That part of her interests me but not as much as her shopping. See, it's not about the stuff with her. It's hunting. I could never be friends with someone who went out and hunted animals. Sorry, but people who want to shoot deer are not going to be my friends. But when I'm with Rachel at the mall I see the excitement in hunting: the combination of knowledge and instinct and the thrill of stalking and closing in for the kill. The girl makes the pursuit of a forty-percent-off sweater in just the

completely idiotic. I asked her once, "Do you think he's okay with me being African-American and all?" She said, "Cassie, I've known Jake all my life. Believe me, he doesn't know you're black. That's how little he would care. Jake is the one guy out of a thousand who really does care about who you are, not what you look like." "So, how do I look?" I asked anxiously. "Like you should be singing eee-yi-eee-yi-oh. You're wearing Wal-Mart overalls with bird poop on the cuffs. You have no makeup

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