Batman: The Novelization

Batman: The Novelization

Bob Kane, Sam Hamm, Craig Shaw Gardner, Warren Skaaren

Language: English

Pages: 111

ISBN: 0446354880

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here is the novelization of the blockbuster Warner Brothers summer movie of 1989, Batman, from the author of The Lost Boys movie tie-in and the Ebenezzum fantasy series. Stars Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger. Original.















fall apart. Jack realized they probably never had all these machines operating at the same time—until now. Giant vats of chemicals spun overhead, spilling their contents into even larger basins on either side of him. —the pale moonlight? Machines roaring, acids bubbling, people screaming, bullets flying—it all made a very special sort of chaos. Jack decided he liked chaos. It certainly made it easier for him to get away. And, once he was free, he had a little business to attend to. Grissom

again. But he was gone. CHAPTER EIGHT On The Spot Action News! Mayor Borg and that new guy, Harvey Dent, both looked suitably uncomfortable. Oh, they were trying to hide it, but— The On The Spot Action News news-woman shoved a microphone in the mayor’s face. “Does this gang war dampen the city’s plans for the two hundredth anniversary festival?” “The festival opens,” the mayor blustered. “The police will stop these gangsters!” Well. Thank you, Mayor. It was always gratifying to get

large red ribbons, with an accompanying card: “A present to Gotham City—from the Joker.” First the Batman, and now this creep. There seemed to be a lot of publicity seekers in Gotham City these days. But how did Bruce Wayne lit into it all? There had to be something about that alleyway. She dialed the phone. It rang. Knox picked it up at the other end. “Allie,” she said rapidly, not allowing Knox his usual wisecracks. “I want you to check something for me. Okay? Find out what’s so special

what was going on inside his own head. In a way, she supposed, he could mean both. Who would be the first person to talk about it, then? To live with the way you were. It was strange, Bruce being so open like this. She had to be open with him too—as open as she could be. “I’ve loved you—every night—since I met you,” she said. “But I don’t know if I can love you dead.” So she had talked about it in a way—Bruce’s other self. But she still hadn’t mentioned the name. Batman. Still, Bruce knew

standing next to her. It was over. Wasn’t it? Until this moment, Batman had not allowed himself the final proof. He had not seen the Joker’s body. Now he did. He gazed past the shards of the gargoyle to the mottle of red and green and white and purple splayed on the asphalt. He focused on the face, on the ferocious grin—a wide, mirthless slash of a smile that seemed to mock death itself. “Over there,” someone yelled. Vicki turned to speak to Batman. He was gone. CHAPTER NINETEEN

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