Black Skies

Black Skies

Leo J. Maloney

Language: English

Pages: 308

ISBN: 0786036117

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A ripping story-rough, tough, and entertaining. -Meg Gardiner "Maloney is the new master of the modern spy game" -Mark Sullivan In his most explosive thriller to date, Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney goes deep inside a vast global conspiracy bent on the annihilation of the United States-by land, by sea, and by air . . . Black Skies A team of Navy SEALs wiped out in a surprise attack. A motorcade of dignitaries ambushed-and the U.S. Secretary of State abducted. But this is no random act of terror. A vision of evil unprecedented in scope has been triggered. The enemy will not stop until the skies over America are black with death and destruction. CIA veterans Dan Morgan and Peter Conley-code names Cobra and Cougar-are America's last chance at averting an unthinkable scenario of bloodshed . . . Praise for Leo J. Maloney's Novels "Everything a thriller reader wants" -Ben Coes on Silent Assassin "This is one outstanding thriller" -John Gilstrap on Termination Orders "High-powered . . . tense and terrifying" -Hank Phillippi Ryan on Termination Orders





















of the car, but his knees buckled and he fell to the ground. Morgan turned on his back, and looked up to see a man looking down on him. His vision was blurry, so it took a moment for the face to resolve into that of Anse Fleischer. The world darkened as the enormous German picked him up. Morgan was dragged into a navy blue BMW sedan. Morgan lost consciousness just as the door shut out all the light from the outside. Chapter 30 June 8 Monte Carlo Dan Morgan woke up facing the wall in a suite

speed away. “I catch you following me or anyone else again, and you can kiss that fancy bike good-bye!” Chapter 43 June 15 New York City The day of the gala had arrived. Morgan, dressed in a well-tailored tuxedo, took Lily’s arm in his. He had considered telling Jenny the nature of the night’s mission, on the off-chance that he and Lily were caught in the background of a photograph of a famous couple and ended up in the society pages. It seemed, however, implausible enough that he shrugged it

of holding off three armed men. They were cornered, and all was lost. The door behind them opened and someone yelled, “Get inside!” Morgan ushered McKay in, then Lily. The man who had admitted them, a security guard, closed and locked the door behind them. “Step away!” he yelled. Morgan moved out of the line of sight of the door panes, and motioned for McKay to do the same. Morgan surveyed the room they were in—he’d never visited the statue before. It was a large foyer, square and two stories

watched as the senator disappeared onto the crown. Then he turned back to Clarke, who was watching the stairs. “Your turn,” said Morgan. “They’re gonna be here any second,” said Clarke. “Then let’s get the hell out of here!” Morgan said. “I’m not getting up on the head and you know it,” said Clarke. “I’m too old. Could barely walk up these stairs.” “Come on,” said Morgan. “I’ve got you. I’ll push you up, and Lily will help from the other side.” “That ninety-pound girl? No way, José. Take a

Smith. “I care about outcome. You are done, whether or not you live. No good can come of bringing this all to light. You have a choice. Leave public life forever. Retire, citing your recent captivity. Go to a ranch in Texas and spend the rest of your days hunting or horseback riding or whatever it is you do. Or die in the next few days.” Wolfe stared out into the middle distance, abstracted. There was no guilt in his demeanor, Smith noticed. Only a hint of shame, and he had been given a way out

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