Blue Horizon (Courtney Family Adventures)

Blue Horizon (Courtney Family Adventures)

Wilbur Smith

Language: English

Pages: 800

ISBN: 0312991428

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The New York Times bestselling author and one of the greatest adventure writers of our time returns with a pulse-pounding tale of danger, courage, and suspense.

Tom Courtney and his brother Dorian battled both vicious enemies and nature itself on the high seas, finally reaching the Cape of Good Hope to start life afresh. Now, half a generation later, they are successful and contented: merchants and family men, prospering on the very edge of an immense and beautiful continent, Africa. In the tradition of Wilbur Smith's earlier bestseller, Monsoon, this spellbinding new novel introduces the next generation of Courtneys. They are out to stake their claim in Southern Africa, traveling along the infamous "Robbers' Road."

It is a journey both exciting and hazardous---one that takes them through the untouched wilderness of a beautiful land filled with warring tribes and wild animals. But the most dangerous predators of all are other Europeans, crazed by greed, jealousy, and lust, and determined to destroy utterly all members of the Courtney clan. This quest for vengeance results in a desperate chase---both on land and sea---that is one of the most extraordinary in modern literature.

Blue Horizon is a truly great adventure story, told by a master novelist at the height of his powers.

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all became a blur of smoke, sweat and gunfire. The smoke choked them, the sweat ran into their eyes, and the gunfire deafened and dazed them. Then, abruptly, the warriors who, a moment before, had been swarming like hiving bees upon the barricades were gone. The defenders gazed about them in astonishment, seeking another target to fire at. The bank of gunsmoke drifted away, and it came as a shock to see the shattered impis running and staggering back up the hillside, dragging their wounded with

cuddled under her eiderdown and listened to her father’s snores from the next room. She had never again felt so warm and safe as she did then. Louisa’s mother, Anne, was English. Her father had brought her to Holland when she was a child. He had been a corporal in the bodyguard of William of Orange, after he had become King of England. When Anne was sixteen she had been engaged as a junior cook in the van Ritters household, and had married Hendrick within a year of taking up her post. Louisa’s

Bakkat took from his shoulder his bow and quiver, his axe and leather carrying bag. He laid them carefully at the base of the tree. The honey-guide would understand that this was his guarantee that he would return. However, to make certain there was no misunderstanding, Bakkat explained it to the bird: “Wait for me here, my little friend. I will not be gone long. I must gather the vine to lull the bees.” He found the plant he needed growing on the bank of a nearby stream. It climbed the trunk of

rendition as though he had not understood a single word that Sir Guy had said. Then he touched his lips. “I will personally arrange everything in a manner befitting the importance of the occasion. I will send a barge to collect your luggage tomorrow morning. It will be taken out to the hunting encampment to await your arrival.” “That would be acceptable.” Verity gave Sir Guy’s consent. “We are honoured. I thirst for the day when I shall set eyes upon your face once again,” he murmured, “as the

shining with sweat, and their faces were blackened with gunsmoke. The barrel of the cannon was too hot to touch. The wet swab sizzled and steamed as it was thrust down the bore. For the twenty-third time that morning they ran out the long nine-pounder and Mansur laid it with care. The Arcturus appeared much taller as he squinted at it over the sights. He stood back and waited for the pitch and roll of the hull under him before he fired. The gun carriage bounded back violently and slammed against

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