Brutal (Detroit After Dark) (Volume 1)

Brutal (Detroit After Dark) (Volume 1)

K.S. Adkins

Language: English

Pages: 314

ISBN: 149279807X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

My name is Venessa Cross. I'm a Detroit club DJ with issues. I know it, my friends know it, and even the enemy knows it. The problem is, now the Detroit Police Department knows it, too. I was wrong to think my nighttime activities would go unnoticed. Eventually I wound up on his radar. His name is Detective Black. He's huge, he's quiet and he really hates people. He’s also the job. He lives it, believes in it, and is really good at enforcing it. At least he thought he was until I came on the scene. When he's assigned to protect me, he gets a taste of my world where I change his views on right and wrong. I make him question everything he stands for, and I hate myself for it. I'm not a normal girl. I'm a violent girl. I'm a girl on a mission. I'm a girl in love for the first time. I’m also terrified I’ll ruin him. If you thought the streets of Detroit were brutal, try taking what’s mine. I want my Detective and my vengeance, and I’m willing to take out anyone who stands in the way. Follow me and watch me do what the police can't: deliver punishment. My name is Venessa Cross. I am justice.

Termination Orders (Dan Morgan, Book 1)




















take a genius to figure out why. She left the Captain’s family, refused professional treatment, then – according to the owner of Lush – started working for him about three years later, but was a regular prior to that, even though she was a minor. She was just a kid getting over losing her family and almost her own life; she went from the girl next door, to the club scene. Lush isn’t your average club, its hard core. She’s tight with the owner, Gallo, and several other unsavories, and the two men

needed to be in the trenches, I needed to be where the criminals were. The owner approved of my loyalty, and though Max skirts the law, he doesn’t seek out breaking it. Max replaced Gary in my life, you could say. So as the club grew, so did my name, and so did my admirers. Criminals you’d think wouldn’t trust easily, but they have this thing about loyalty. So if they trust you? You hear everything. You’re privy to it all. I’ve never betrayed that trust. Not even that night when I avenged my

I start to do a little spinning, really putting on a show. I fucking love the bass, the screaming, the pheromones all coming together. I start to mix in Eminem’s ’Bezerk’ to keep them revved up. After that? A little Danny Brown, with a heavy dose of Kendrick Lamar and A$ap Rocky. I’m spinning, dancing and lost in the moment; truly feeling young for a minute when I notice two very large men approach the platform, with security looking really pissed off. I ignore them because they’re probably just

back to you.” “Never happen,” he promises. “I said I’d always bring you back, and I will. If you trust anything, trust that. Never made a promise until you, and I won’t break it.” “Okay, yeah I can trust that,” I say. “I trust you.” “Long as each day starts and ends with you, the rest is cake,” he says. “Needing you now, Angel, so open that mouth.” Never one to deny him anything, I opened my mouth, giving him everything. True to his word, he gave everything right back to me. I woke up to

great together. We balance each other out. You know who else balances you out? This guy sitting next to me, right now. He’s like the male version of me, but with a beard and a shitty disposition. What I’m trying to say is, I love you for who you are, and I wanted to thank you for saving me. I knew you would, too. This wasn’t the first rescue you’ve staged for me, and I’ll never forget it. I’ve got rounds, but I’ll be back to torture you in a few. Ciao.” She whispers in my ear, “I owe you

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