Cat's Claw (24 Declassified, Book 4)

Cat's Claw (24 Declassified, Book 4)

John Whitman

Language: English

Pages: 201

ISBN: 1847391990

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The world's most powerful leaders are gathering in Los Angeles for the G-8 summit, unaware that they have been targeted by two separate terrorist groups, each with its own lethal agenda. Uncovering and disarming one bomb would be difficult enough; eliminating both will be nearly impossible.

On the trail of a rabid Islamic assassin, rogue CTU agent Jack Bauer doesn't know that another conspiracy is brewing around him—a poisonous plot to violently dictate the future of the free world. If Bauer does nothing, in twenty-four hours the entire planet may be plunged into chaos, its primary heads of state ruthlessly destroyed. But if he acts, his daughter Kim will die instead.

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your body. The transmitter is laced throughout your entire body. It’s in your blood.” 5 THE FOLLOWING TAKES PLACE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF A.M.11 AND P.M.12 PACIFIC STANDARD TIME 11:00 A.M. PST Federal Plaza, West Los Angeles It wasn’t easy, following a pint-sized twenty-something girl through a crowd of protestors at Federal Plaza. The blond hair helped, but Frankie was so short that several times Mercy lost her bobbing yellow head in the crowd. The good news was that the sea of people made it

Plaza, West Los Angeles As far as Kim Bauer was concerned, the demonstration was a bust. The weather had grown much warmer than anyone expected, she was surrounded by hot and sweaty people (none of whom, as far as she could tell, had bathed), and Brad Gilmore had turned out to be a major league dork. And to top it all off, she felt like she was coming down with something. “I’m burning up,” she said to Janet York, one of her best friends, who looked as bored with Teen Green as she felt. “I’m so

experience hiding from the government.” The impact of her words reached Copeland even through his drug-induced stupor. He put down the book containing his contacts and bristled. It suddenly occurred to him that he absolutely should not tell Frankie where to find the vaccine. “Absolutely not.” “They’re your contacts,” she pointed out. She reached forward to the coffee table and hefted a heavy piece of jade. Copeland had told her a dozen times the story of how he had discovered it during one of

“with” didn’t include being separated by ten thousand political activists and platoons of anxious policemen. “I promise she’ll be fine,” was all he could say. He heard soft static on the telephone. “Jack, are you okay?” “Me? Of course.” “You’ve just got your work voice on.” “It’s just the crowd,” he replied. “It puts me on edge a little.” Teri’s voice lightened. “Relax a little. You’re not saving the world today, just taking care of your daughter.” “Saving the world is easier,” he said.

but Sarah stepped back, gasping, “Don’t touch her! Don’t! Look!” She was pointing to the football-shaped bruise that had appeared on Mercy’s neck. Ozersky did not back away, but he stopped moving forward, his hand hovering near her. Mercy felt her skin until her fingers found the bump. “Oh,” she said. “I thought…I thought twenty-four hours…” Sarah shook her head. “It depends on the person. Maybe you had the weaponized virus, and it just took longer to replicate.” She backed away further. “I’m

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