Chimera: A Jim Chapel Mission (Jim Chapel Missions)

Chimera: A Jim Chapel Mission (Jim Chapel Missions)

David Wellington

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0062248782

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Afghanistan veteran Jim Chapel has been enlisted in a new war, this time in his own backyard . . .

A band of fugitives has escaped from a secret military facility. Each has a target—an innocent civilian—and they will not stop until that target has been eliminated. Wounded Special Forces veteran Jim Chapel has been stuck behind a desk, but now medical technology has finally caught up with Chapel's ambitions, and combined with his unstoppable determination he'll get back to where he thrives: in the thick of the action.

Chapel must hunt down the escapees—all extremely deadly, genetically modified killers—and unravel the mystery behind their existence. Aided by a mysterious woman named Angel and a courageous, beautiful veterinarian, Chapel begins a cross-country hunt to stop the murders. But are the killers really rogues, or are they part of a sinister conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels?

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whizzing by on his left. They were moving fast enough he couldn’t get a good look inside any of them. Quinn wouldn’t know how to drive, himself, but the chimera in New York had proven how easy it was for one of them to commandeer a vehicle. If Quinn was coming from the north, headed toward them, it would be easy enough to veer into oncoming traffic and ram the limo. Even a chimera would know the long car was where the judge would be. At highway speeds, that kind

honey,” Angel said. Chapel set his jaw. “Miss Taggart—” “It’s Dr. Taggart. I’m a vet,” the woman told him. Chapel’s eyes went wide. “Really?” That surprised him—she hadn’t seemed the type. “Which branch of service?” “I beg your pardon?” “Were you in the army, the navy, the air force?” She rolled her eyes. “I’m a veterinarian. Okay, I think we’re done. I’ll get my own cab, thanks.” She turned and started to walk away. “Dr. Taggart,”

Taggart, I need to ask you a personal question. From everything I’ve seen so far, you’re a pretty strong woman. Would you say that’s a correct assumption?” Instantly Julia calmed down. She opened her eyes and changed her grip on the phone. “I like to think of myself as a competent person.” “Right now I need you to be one tough bitch,” Angel told her. ATLANTA, GEORGIA: APRIL 13, T+27:05 “I don’t understand,” Chapel said. “The CIA is trying to kill you? You know that sounds crazy,

My brothers!” “No,” he said. “No. You can’t think like that.” “How can I not?” she asked him. “How can I think about them any other way?” He started to answer, though he honestly had no idea what he was going to say. Before any words could come out of his mouth, though, a great booming noise ripped through the air and he jumped in surprise. It was followed by a deafening fanfare, and then a haze of light burst over the top of the mountain. “What the hell?” Chapel asked. He let go

to find us.” “I’m not sure I follow,” Angel said. He was damned sure she did. She just wanted him to say it out loud. Maybe so when things went bad she could cover her posterior. Maybe she just wanted a record of him defying official orders. Chapel didn’t really care anymore. “Someone told Malcolm where Funt would be. They wanted Funt killed. Malcolm told me he was getting orders over the phone from someone he called the Voice. I don’t know who this Voice is, but it had to be

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