Clash of the Sky Galleons (The Edge Chronicles, Book 9; The Quint Trilogy, Book 3)

Clash of the Sky Galleons (The Edge Chronicles, Book 9; The Quint Trilogy, Book 3)

Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

Language: English

Pages: 198

ISBN: 2:00335541

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Original publication same year in Great Britain by Doubleday.


Quint is traveling with his father, Wind Jackal, on a mission to track down and bring to justice Turbot Smeal, the man who started the fire that killed their family. Having left behind his studies at the Knights Academy, Quint is now eager to learn what it really means to be a sky pirate and to learn from his father. But Wind Jackal is consumed by his desire to capture Smeal, amd his judgment is flawed. His actions endanger the lives of his crew and his son. As they travel from the taverns and the backstreets of Undertown and the wonders of the shipbuilders' yards to the dark dangers of the Deepwoods, Quint and Maris become separated from the rest of the crew. Finally, at the mysterious, ghostly sky-wreck in Open Sky, they discover the truth about Smeal.

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recall, with ominous, dark purple banks of cloud rolling in from Open Sky. The ambush was due to take place in the morning at six hours on the borders of the Deepwoods and the Twilight Woods. We arrived at the site the night before, weighed anchor in a leadwood grove and cut down branches, which we used to camouflage the vessel before settling ourselves down for the long night ahead. ‘And it was a long night, Quint. Long and unpleasant. I’ve never liked spending the hours of darkness out there

Then, having commanded Ramrock to cool the flight-rock, I slammed the flight-levers across, raising the hull-weights and giving full head to the sails. ‘We soared up into the air, turned in mid air and - our weapons drawn and ready - swooped back down in a broad arc towards the second league ship before a single slave could be taken on board. It was Purlis Havelock’s turn to be outraged. ‘ “In the name of the Leagues,” he roared. “Attack!” ‘Suddenly, the decks of both league ships were

Pilot,’ he bellowed. ‘Prepare to give us lift…’ The Stone Pilot nodded back, but Maris could see the difficulty she was in. With the platform as unstable as the rest of the sky ship, tending the flight-rock was proving far from easy. Even so, as Maris watched, the hooded figure managed to grasp a clutch of cooling-rods and stagger across to the burners, twice falling heavily in the process. Beyond, on the fore-deck, Tem reached Steg Jambles, to find a large winch-wheel had broken free of the

prowlgrin, he reached up. While his left hand supported the first of the giant pinecones, his right hand swung the sword round. He ran the edge of the blade deftly down the ridged and knobbly surface in a zigzag line. For a moment, apart from a tangy whiff of pine that wafted into the air, nothing happened. Then, where the blade had passed, the dark-green skin peeled back a tad and thick, deep red resin began to well up like blood. It gathered in the corners of the line, which got fuller and

jabbed the staff in the direction of the dense, dark forest on the other side of the sunny glades - ‘lurks a bloodoak. Remember - look, listen and smell for the signs. Deathstillness. Under-scent. And out there in the glades, the tarry vine.…’ Tem felt his knees buckle and his heart begin to race. Beside him, Steg reached out with a steadying arm. ‘Easy there, lad. I’m with you,’ he whispered. ‘There are three axe-teams,’ the timber-master continued. ‘Enough for a classic death thrust.

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