Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure 2

Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure 2

Johnny O'Brien

Language: English

Pages: 137

ISBN: 2:00093762

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The exciting second installment in the Jack Christie adventures.

Jack and Angus’s time travels are heating up again, and this time the boys must save Queen Elizabeth I from an early death. Meeting the playwright Marlowe and a young actor named William Shakespeare along the way, Jack and Angus will have to use all their bravery and skill to thwart their archenemy, Pendleshape, and his misguided notions of changing history.

The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs, Book 12.5)





















crotch. Angus wailed in pain and Jack seized the moment to wriggle free. Snatching up a sword, he wheeled round. The sword felt different – heavier and unbalanced – but it didn’t matter now. Angus jumped back to his feet and grabbed the other sword and the two of them circled round and round, panting at each other like wounded animals. The crowd jeered. Jack’s remaining energy was melting away – he knew he only had seconds left. There was blood all over the floor and Angus slipped. He was only

Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, and he nervously opened one eye. “Did I survive?” “Looks like it,” Jack said. “Don’t know how you get away with it. Every rehearsal I somehow manage to miss.” “Dangerous business this Shakespeare stuff…” Angus bounded over from centre stage, flushed with excitement after the sword fight. “That was awesome…” “Told you…” Angus’s shirt was almost completely red as Miss Beattie removed the pouch of stage blood from underneath it. “What a mess,” the English teacher

screamed. “Your friend will die there, if I do not have the truth.” “Marlowe’s tricked you!” Jack shouted in desperation. “Before we continue, we search you for more papers.” The man pointed to Hegel who loped over to Angus and pawed at his clothes. Angus writhed, straining against his chains. “Get off!” Their situation was desperate. They had no information to give. Jack fought his panic and fear, struggling to think clearly, to come up with a way – any way – they could buy some time.

Henslowe, who had built the theatre, and was also well acquainted with the famous actor, Edward Alleyn, and the playwright, Thomas Kyd. With three actors taken ill so suddenly, Henslowe and Kyd had been desperate. The stakes could not have been higher. The date at Hampton Court in front of the queen would be the inaugural performance of his masterpiece – The Spanish Tragedy. There had only been one problem – and for this reason Angus had not stopped smiling since they had been allotted their

God,” Jack said. Joplin rubbed the back of his neck. “This is very serious, Jack. Did Pendelshape say anything else – was he more specific?” Jack thought for a moment about what Pendelshape had told them. “He said ideally he needed to do two things. First, he said Elizabeth must die to create disorder across the country – a sort of power vacuum. Then he said the Spanish Armada needed to succeed. The Spanish troops under the Duke of Parma in the Netherlands could then just walk in and take

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