Day of the Assassins: A Jack Christie Adventure 1

Day of the Assassins: A Jack Christie Adventure 1

Johnny O'Brien

Language: English

Pages: 156

ISBN: 2:00093761

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Within the first suspenseful pages, readers will find an engaging historical/science fiction tale that has intrigue, danger, and a little romance. . . . From an explosive escape out of captivity to a muchanticipated scene that decides the fate of World War I, the end of the book has plenty of action." —SCHOOL LUBRARY JOURNAL

Jack Christie and his best friend, Angus, find themselves at the center of a momentous event that will shape history for decades to come. Their dilemma: Should they intervene? Their problem: Can they survive? Join Jack on a dangerous chase from the dockyards of England to the rain-sodden trenches of the First World War. Will he escape the evil authorities who believe in the mysterious VIGIL Imperative?

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peeking above the tiled rooftops. Slightly beyond this, a craggy outcrop jutted out from the side of the valley, rising to perhaps two hundred metres, maybe more. A castle had been built high up on the exposed lump of black rock. It had narrow windows like slits and at least three sub turrets with conical roofs projecting from high stone sides. It dominated the valley. As Jack wearily craned his head up at the castle, it slowly dawned on him that he could not see any possible way to approach it.

desperately. “There’s no time to explain. You are in great danger. We all are. I’ve been sent to rescue you.” They heard the Rector shouting. “Make safe your weapon. There is no escape. We will not harm you. Give yourself up.” Angus screamed back, “Everyone stay where you are!” And as if to make the point, he opened up again with his machine gun, spraying the stone wall of the castle accommodation block with bullets and smashing a number of windows in the process. As the gun fired, Angus reeled

cable car waited. The professor slid open the door and they piled in. He inspected the control panel inside the cable car. “Here goes!” Suddenly, the car moved away from the gantry and began its descent into the valley below. The castle was soon receding into the distance. “What happens when we get to the bottom?” Angus said. “They’ll telephone down… someone will be waiting for us there.” “Unless we can find some way out,” the professor said. Angus laughed, “Be serious, we’re suspended

the Rector and VIGIL had been astonished to learn of the creation of the second Taurus and how alarmed they all were about the possibility that his father might use it to make changes in history. He explained why Pendelshape had taken them into his confidence – and how his attempt to snatch Jack to safety, away from the Rector – might have succeeded if the Rector had not arrived in the Taurus control room with Tony, Gordon and the others. “… So you see, it is not as simple as you first thought.

time – only two months ago. He said we needed a base, near Sarajevo.” “This place?” “Yes – a ruin now of course, and no one comes up in these hills.” “And help?” Zadok looked at Jack and Angus and smiled, “You two of course…” Angus looked at Jack again with a worried expression on his face. “Did, er, the English teacher… well, was he specific about the kind of help that we would provide?” “No. He had to leave urgently. It was always the case… on each visit he would arrive quite suddenly

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