Detonator (Nick Stone book 17)

Detonator (Nick Stone book 17)

Language: English

Pages: 260

ISBN: 1910167835

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ex-deniable operator Nick Stone has spent a lifetime in harm’s way – but when someone he cares for very deeply is murdered in cold blood, he can no longer just take the pain. A high-level internecine conflict at the dark heart of the resurgent Russian Empire and an assassin’s bullet on an isolated Alpine pass propel him from an apparently run-of-the-mill close-protection task into his most brutal and challenging mission yet. As the body count increases, Stone becomes one of Europe’s Most Wanted. He must evade the elite police forces of three nations in his pursuit of faceless men who trade in human misery, and a lone wolf terrorist who threatens to unleash the Western World’s worst nightmare. Vengeance of the most explosive kind is top of Stone’s agenda. The fuse has been ignited – but who really holds the detonator? "Like his creator, the ex-SAS soldier turned über-agent is unstoppable” Daily Mirror

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almost impossible to pin down the events of the last forty-eight hours. My journey here last night was a blur. So was most of this morning. How did the flatbed know we were on our way? The driver – or whoever launched the stripy pole at me – must have been told our route in advance, and had comms with an insider. And if Stefan hadn’t lost it, I now knew who that was. I pictured Mr Lover Man looking over the edge of the precipice after my wagon had taken its nosedive. Him and Hesco giving it

closed his eyes. ‘Do you have a son?’ I took a deep breath. ‘I’ve never really had the time for kids.’ I gave him a little chuckle. ‘Anyway, I’ve already got my hands full looking after you.’ He thought about this for a minute or two. ‘So, when you get old or die, who will run your business?’ This time my chuckle was genuine. It really was like having a mini-Frank in the room. ‘My business isn’t much like your dad’s. And if I had a son, I think I’d want him to do something else with his life

took a deep, rasping breath, swallowed painfully and tried to lick her lips. Then she spoke. ‘Those … fucking … bastards …’ Her words were slurred, but her voice was deep and husky. ‘Who?’ She turned on her own this time and sprayed the porcelain once more. It took her another couple of minutes to gather her marbles. I knew exactly how she felt. Then she managed to wrench her head back in my direction. ‘Whatever that little … shit … is paying you …’ She closed her eyes and I felt her body

been carrying a news crew or another TIGRIS team. I’d find out soon enough. The parking area by the lake had a lot more empty spaces now, and most of the parasols had been taken down. I pulled in a fair distance from the Polo and scanned the surrounding area. Families were being shepherded towards their wagons. Nobody seemed to be there without a good reason, and I couldn’t see anyone dressed for work talking urgently into a mobile. I got eyes on Stefan’s deckchairs. They were empty. That was

Finally, I threw a lighted match through the cab window and the sliding door, ignited the cloth, and legged it. It was burning front and back as I disappeared into the trees. Mr Molotov would have been proud of me. The diesel wasn’t going to explode when the flames reached into the tank, but the heat it generated would be intense. It would finish the job very nicely. By the time I’d got halfway up the hill, black smoke was billowing up through the canopy. I hooked my thumbs through the straps of

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