Forest Of Wolves (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Seekers: Return to the Wild)

Forest Of Wolves (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Seekers: Return to the Wild)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0606364722

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bare rocks on either side. “Seal rot!” Kallik exclaimed. “We can’t climb that.” “Not in the dark,” Toklo agreed. “We might be able to find a way in daylight. But we’ll have to stay here for the rest of the night.” Weary and discouraged, the bears dragged themselves out of the water. The sides of the ravine sloped steeply down to the edge of the pool and were covered with loose scree; it was hard to keep their balance. “We can’t stay here,” Kallik said. “We could slide right back into the

to the ground. At last she reached the top of the tree and clung there with the wind buffeting her fur and making the trunk lurch with each gust. A huge view opened up in front of her as she poked her head above the forest canopy. Rolling forested hills stretched in every direction. Rivers wound a course through the trees, flowing into lakes that reflected the blue of the sky and sparkled in the sunlight. Snow-topped mountains reared up on one side, while far away in the opposite direction she

said. “We’ve been away for much longer than we were ever at our first homes.” But I’m a wild bear! Toklo thought. That’s not the same as being born in a flat-face den. This is where I belong, so I should be able to remember it. He stifled the urge to say so out loud. It might sound rude, especially now that Lusa was a wild bear, too, through and through. Toklo was beginning to be irritated by the lack of prey, and nervous that they had left Yakone and Kallik alone for a long time, when he heard

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much choice. It was this, or become prey for coyotes.” “True.” Lusa shivered at the memory of the slinking, slavering creatures that had tracked them for days, following the scent of Yakone’s blood. “I never want to see another coyote!” “I just wish I knew where we’re going,” Kallik went on, the tightness in her voice betraying her worry. “Wherever we end up, we need the right kind of herbs to help Yakone.” Lusa nodded. “Toklo said the firesnake would take us to the mountains. There must be

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