Fountain of Secrets (The Relic Seekers Book 2)

Fountain of Secrets (The Relic Seekers Book 2)

Anita Clenney

Language: English

Pages: 344


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A relics expert with a nose for mystery is torn between her sexy billionaire boss and her hot bodyguard. Each would die to save her...and win her heart.

Kendall Morgan puts her sixth sense back to work in the second book of the Relic Seekers series, divining the history and location of ancient relics. Her boss, the gorgeous billionaire Nathan Larraby, sends her to Italy to safeguard a priceless treasure belonging to the Protettori, an ancient order of monks who guard four powerful relics that Nathan believes may be the cure for his dark curse. He also sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall’s back—although her back isn’t all Jake has his eye on.

Nathan joins them, and all three tumble into a labyrinth of defenses created by the monks to protect their treasures, including the Fountain of Youth. They find themselves in England on the trail of the legendary King Arthur, who along with the Reaper, seems mysteriously connected to the Protettori. Sparks fly and bonds are tested as Kendall and Nathan’s pasts are revealed and Jake’s becomes even more mysterious. The trio must stay one step ahead of the mysterious Reaper if they want to survive.

Fountain of Secrets twists and turns through the shadows of myth and reality as Kendall races to uncover the Protettori’s secrets and fight her growing attraction to her boss and her bodyguard.

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Destiny.” Kendall didn’t like that either. Nathan obviously trusted her and Jake, or he wouldn’t have sent them to pack up something as valuable as this treasure. But Jake’s blatant attempts, and even Kendall’s subtle hints, hadn’t gotten him to divulge the spear’s location. “I’m sure he has his reasons.” Jake shook his head. “If he stabbed you, you’d say he had a good reason.” “You need food. You’re getting cranky.” Dozens of people were at the castle. Security guards, cooks to feed the

asked for anything more. Jake Stone was a man of many sides. “Thank you, but I’ll be fine.” And Jake was probably right about her being emotional, because suddenly she felt too tired to move, much less make love. One of the guards appeared at the door with a message from Nathan to call him. They had apparently linked with a satellite that enabled cell phone reception at the castle. “I’ll call him,” Jake said. “You rest.” The guard gave Kendall and Jake a strange look before he left. Jake

wasn’t expecting the roar. She jumped, and the cross flew out of her hands. She reached for it, but another hand got there first. A sexy, male hand with a scar at the base of the thumb. “Stealing from the boss?” Kendall stood, pulse racing. Jake held the cross in his fingers, the rest of him looking just as sexy, even with that sullen jaw. He was still pissed at her because of this morning. “How did you get in here?” “It wasn’t easy. Nathan has you locked up tighter than some of his

hardly paused to explore as she headed for the bedroom. She was going to take a bath as long and as hot as she could stand it. She thought about Nathan and Jake and the Fountain of Youth. She drifted off and woke up with her chin touching the water. She climbed out and dried off before putting on a plush robe and slippers provided by the hotel. When she walked out, Jake was lying on her bed, sound asleep with an open book beside him. Shaking her head, she walked toward the bed. Glastonbury Abbey

a ghost killed Edward. She offered Marco another sip of water. His hands seemed shakier on the cup. “The Reaper won’t stop,” Marco said. “Not until he gets the relics. If he does, I fear for the world.” “If he’s that dangerous, why not just kill him?” Jake asked. “He obviously has well-trained men, and if he’s stealing all these priceless antiquities, then he has money to back up his scheme.” “There weren’t many of us left who could kill him. He’s very powerful. He’s had hundreds of years to

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