Gabriel Hunt - Hunt Among the Killers of Men (Gabriel Hunt Adventures (Paperback))

Gabriel Hunt - Hunt Among the Killers of Men (Gabriel Hunt Adventures (Paperback))

David J. Schow

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1781169969

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the towers of Manhattan to the jungles of South America, from the sands of the Sahara to the frozen crags of Antarctica, one man finds adventure everywhere he goes: GABRIEL HUNT. Backed by the resources of the $100 million Hunt Foundation and armed with his trusty Colt revolver, Gabriel Hunt has always been ready for anything--but is he prepared for the adventures that lie in wait for him?

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make apologies for Gabriel’s mysterious absence. And all this would become a bad bit of history. It made sense. So why did he feel no desire to do it? Gabriel tried to kid himself that he was still recovering from the bullet skid to the temple, but he knew better. Maybe he was attracted to Qingzhao; was that it? He was still trying to work out the answer to that one when she appeared silently beside him. “Don’t let them see you.” Gabriel’s senses instantly hit high alert. “Who?” “The

jut of rock. Mitch was climbing right behind him, but her attention seemed to be wandering and she had gone from breathing nasally to orally—not a good sign, for someone as fit as she was. “You’re part of it now, too,” she said, her breath more ragged than it should have been. “No, I’m not, and neither are you. We get to Qi’s place, I call my brother. I’m pretty sure Qi’s got a secure cell phone or can bash one up. Michael calls the embassy and the Marines and we burn our tail feathers straight

and the two dead bodies before it without attracting anyone’s attention. The two men had been neatly shot—but by whom? They’d put the question to one side much as they did the bodies themselves, then climbed up into the cockpit and began preparations to leave. As Mitch worked the controls, desperately forcing her hands to remain as steady as she could get them, Qi held their small arsenal of guns at the ready and watched for trouble. But none had surfaced, and now, after readjusting her seat

be taken at face value since his disfavor in Cheung’s eyes was still not widely known. The two men bracketing the brass doors to the Peace Hotel were named Bennings and Jintao. Acquisitions, Ivory knew, from a recent canvass of Cheung security candidates based on such employment advantages as blackmail leverage, capacity for violence and general criminal records. “For Cheung,” Ivory said, indicating Gabriel. “Dinanath was sent to retrieve this top-priority guest. He failed and I have assumed

against the nearest outcrop of rock. “Damn you! It must be twenty meters to the floor!” “I know,” said Gabriel. In another two seconds, Cheung would be angrily backtracking to get all the mountaineering gear. Which made this the time to act. Gabriel lunged to his knees, swung his chained hands over Cheung’s head, pushed off like an Olympic swimmer, and launched them both into the black sky below. Together, Cheung and Gabriel fell from the ceiling of the cavern for half a heartbeat,

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