Gunsight (Borderlands, Book 3)

Gunsight (Borderlands, Book 3)

John Shirley

Language: English

Pages: 174

ISBN: B010BG56W4

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mordecai and Daphne have gotten themselves in a tough spot near the highly dangerous town of Gunsight, one of the most remote outposts on the planet Pan­dora, out in the boonies of the boonies of the Borderlands. Daphne has been taken prisoner by Jasper, a local warlord who controls the area around Gunsight . . . except for that other settlement, the former mining town Tumessa. There’s some kind of big secret operation going on in Tumessa—another warlord, a particularly mutated Psycho named Reamus, is somehow making money. And he’s been relent­lessly raiding Gunsight and kidnapping Jasper’s people. Jasper may be scum, but he needs those people for raids on other towns, so it all has to balance out. Mordecai needs to negotiate for Daphne’s release, but now the only way he’ll ever see her alive again is to kill his way into Tumessa, find out what’s going on there, and report back to Jasper—only then will Mordecai get a paycheck and the girl. Mordecai doesn’t want the job, but he is pretty devoted to Daphne . . . and somehow, he just might be able to turn this entire mess to his advantage. . .




















slopes, the crenellated heights of Tumessa. The place was one big warning—everything about it said, Don’t try it. It was cold out here—but he needed to get colder yet, inside. He was burning with an inner fury at Jasper. And Mordecai was angry at himself for feeling that way. Anger—uh-uh. That’s not how you got the business of killing done, not with any efficiency. You had to be frigid as ice inside—and maybe you let a little fury loose if you had to go hand-to-hand. With sniping, quick

She did it after the upload . . .” “Poison. Did she now. Why?” “Because you didn’t come back!” Mordecai nodded. “Am I supposed to feel bad about that? She tried to shoot me when I was taking a shower once. She also gashed my arm with a piece of broken glass, to ‘punish me for bad thoughts,’ she said. Naturally I didn’t come back.” “She thought you were going to work for her, forever, and be her mate. So she tells me.” “So she tells you? I thought you said she was dead?” He glanced nervously

led the way up onto the outcropping. Mordecai and Brick ducked behind a heavy slab of stone. Keeping in shadow, heads barely showing above the rock, they watched the approach of the small caravan of trucks. It seemed they were planning to pass close by the outcropping on their way to Tumessa. It was one of the few local landmarks on the all but featureless steppes. “Don’t seem like they’re coming here,” Mordecai said. “Seems like . . . what’s that?” He took his scope from his coat pocket,

agenda, whatever it was. And he wasn’t cramming that irritating Claptrap in here, too. Bloodwing stirred sleeping on his shoulder, and snored softly. Mordecai sat beside him. Mordecai looked at his pet. She was asleep, eyes closed and head drooping, having gorged on the bodies of the men he and Brick had killed. As Bloodwing perched there, right next to his head—she passed gas. “Dammit, Bloodwing—” He opened the window to blow the carrion reek away. He glanced at Brick. Icy wind coursed through

descended from mining engineers . . .” “We still are mining engineers!” the Chief Engineer interrupted sniffily, his head lolling, wobbling to one side, his eyes narrowing. “Are you? Then you’ve got explosives?” “Naturally. We hoard them. And I expect that they will be the key to this little enterprise.” “So we’re agreed?” “I shall have to send some scouts to confirm certain parts of your story. But in theory, yes.” Mordecai noticed that the Chief Engineer had turned his gaze upon

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