Morris Kenyon

Language: English

Pages: 63


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This time, Vic Vargo is hired to bid at auction for a valuable sea shell on behalf of an oligarch with more money than sense and then guard it on its way to a private museum. Easy money, Vargo thinks. What could go wrong? But that's just the start of Vargo's troubles as everything does go wrong. And is the oligarch himself a man to be trusted? Using his wits, strength and reflexes Vargo does his best to save his friends, succeed in his mission and keep his reputation as the best interplanetary recovery agent in the galaxy.

Although this is a follow-up to Krillaz, it is a stand-alone story.

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of a spacecraft. Did I mention that a broad, lime-green stripe ran down the centre of the ship and its name – President Perseus P. Porter – also in lime-green, was highlighted by the stern? Our transport entered the cargo bay and a corridor snaked out from the side and docked with the shuttle's airlock. There was a brief hiss as the atmospheres equalised and then we were good to go. Knowing my place in the grand scheme of things, I walked back to the shuttle's cargo area and hung about the

an instant later by a tremendous explosion. Chapter 8 Breakout 1 CHAPTER 8. BREAKOUT 1. It sounded as if an old-style hydrogen bomb had been detonated outside. The earth shook like it was jelly and not solid rock. A deafening boom washed over us. Çrámerr, who was taking the food trays from the pirate, fell against the other man and they fell in a tangled heap of arms and legs. Julianna tumbled out of her easy chair her mouth open in an unheard scream of surprise and fear. The pirate

pressed the button, the airlock rapidly recycled the air and then, with a second press, the outer door opened. Gesturing for Çrámerr to stay back out of sight, I stepped out into the open. Immediately, rain lashed down upon me. It was like standing under a waterfall. Water poured over the open ground before me, sluicing away into drainage ditches where it would finally end up in this world's forming oceans. But that didn't concern me. Men in protective suits ran around like ants after their

couldn't show weakness – not yet anyway. Trying to appear nonchalant as if killing giant ape-men single-handed was an everyday occurrence, I stood there daring anyone else to take their leader's place. And suffer the same fate. One pirate stepped forwards from the small crowd. He glanced down at the still form of his ex-leader. Inwardly, I shook with fear. With the chemical after-effects of super-super stim coursing through my body, there was no way I could take this dude as well. Switching to

safe now, I lurched to the nearest unoccupied first class stateroom and collapsed in a stupor. I knew no more. Chapter 13 Endgame CHAPTER 13: ENDGAME The following day, I woke up. Despite the medication the ship's auto-doctor had pumped into me, I still felt like a football at the end of a match. However, I was cheered up when I saw the view-screen was displaying the pure blackness of outer space as we headed towards the edge of Sepharvaim's solar system. Better still, there was no

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