Harry Truman: The Man Who Divided The World

Harry Truman: The Man Who Divided The World

Jack Steinberg

Language: English

Pages: 73

ISBN: 1530978335

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Truman was the epitome of the American dream. Born and raised by poor, struggling farmers in America's heartland, he had become President through his integrity, a little bit of luck, and sheer hard work. He became the leader of the United States at the tail end of the world's deadliest conflict. Thrust into the middle of a world of conflicting ideologies, Truman would be faced with the newest threat to international stability: a ravenous Soviet Union ready to devour the world with its communist philosophies. As the nation's leader, it fell to him to decide the path which the United States would take into the future. A dedicated public servant and a lover of the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution, Truman realized it was not only his duty but his responsibility to safeguard the free world. By pledging to protect the people of the world from totalitarian rule, Truman unintentionally triggered the Cold War. With his pledge, this often overlooked President forever reshaped American foreign policy, dividing the world into East and West for over forty years.

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Organisation must immediately begin to be equipped with an international armed force. In such a matter we can only go step by step, but we must begin now. I propose that each of the Powers and States should be invited to delegate a certain number of air squadrons to the service of the world organisation. These squadrons would be trained and prepared in their own countries, but would move around in rotation from one country to another. They would wear the uniform of their own countries but with

Government has also asked for the assistance of experienced American administrators, economists, and technicians to insure that the financial and other aid given to Greece shall be used effectively in creating a stable and self-sustaining economy and in improving its public administration. The very existence of the Greek state is today threatened by the terrorist activities of several thousand armed men, led by Communists, who defy the government's authority at a number of points, particularly

Eventually, they would be used by United States policy makers and be applied to the free peoples around the world. The United States had been a beacon of freedom, a bright light inviting people from across the world to come and embrace their natural rights. Beginning under Truman’s presidency, the United States would break its traditional role as an isolationist power, and would bear the torch of freedom in the face of totalitarian oppression. The Korean War had been the first extension of the

due to American foreign policy contained in the Monroe Doctrine. Mostly, it was due to the reluctance of the American government to send its citizens to die in a foreign conflict that had nothing to do with them. America traded with both nations, and America was not allied with either nation. America had no stake in the conflict, and therefore America preferred to stay isolationist. Many Americans, however, felt like America needed to become involved. They saw the war as the great struggle of

her previous refusal of his offer. Truman had asked her to wait, knowing full well the risks he would be facing. In a letter to her, he had told her “I don’t think it would be right for me to ask you to tie yourself up to a prospective cripple – or a sentiment.” He did go on to tell her how he felt about her, saying, “I’m crazy about you.” Having survived the war in one piece, Truman would finally be able to fulfill his boyhood dreams of marrying Bess. He returned home, and on June 28, 1919, he

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