Haunted Etowah County, Alabama (Haunted America)

Haunted Etowah County, Alabama (Haunted America)

Mike Goodson

Language: English

Pages: 112


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Situated along the Coosa River, Etowah County's history is intertwined with the twists and turns of this flowing water. And though the currents of the Coosa shift every day, some fixtures of the river cannot help but remain. It is said that famed riverboat captain James M. Elliott Jr. haunts the Coosa's banks, still blasting the whistle from the Magnolia, his steam engine more than a century old. But the river isn't the only part of Etowah County that remains populated by spirits past. Join local author and ghost tour guide Mike Goodson on a chilling journey through Gadsden, Attalla and the rest of Etowah County as he recounts the haunted history of the region. This eerie collection offers the definitive guide to ghostly activity in Etowah County.

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County Courthouse. A “drummer,” or traveling salesman, was in town to call on perspective customers in the area. On this occasion, the drummer was experiencing a successful stop, and his sales reflected this success. Following a record day of sales, the drummer stopped at one of the local saloons and was flashing a rather large roll of currency for everyone to see. This would prove to be a very grave mistake. Someone followed the traveling salesman back to the Printup Hotel and up to his room on

the Princess, and it was a popular place until it burned down in late 1963. The image of the young ghost vanished after the theater was later torn down. Belk Hudson’s Department Store was located here before eventually moving to the Gadsden Mall. After several years of being empty, the Hardin Center for Cultural Arts purchased the building. Following a major renovation, the “Center” opened amid much fanfare. The young girl who had walked the aisles and watched the movies seemed uninterested in

could handle nearly as much traffic as what traveled across the railroad bridge. A number of farmers were using the public ferries above and below the city. On the morning of June 29, a large force of men was put to work ripping up the flooring of the old bridge. When the plank flooring was torn away, huge pile drivers were moved onto the structure to drive the piles for a false structure over which the trains would run when the old steel spans were lifted away. The piles were driven into the

area. He was a seasoned officer, having served as Attalla’s chief of police before joining the sheriff’s department. He left the Attalla Police Department after a prisoner in his custody was killed resisting arrest. Birt moved on to the job of patrolling the area around Crudup. He met his date with destiny following a domestic dispute with a young miner. Birt was making his rounds around the mines at about 10:00 a.m. on February 14, 1911. He was walking past the hotel and the commissary when

close friend of both Moragne and the Hughes brothers. It was felt that naming the town after Gadsden would bring a major railroad through the town. James Gadsden was heavily involved with the railroads and was a proponent of a transcontinental railroad. Lots were advertised in area newspapers the following year for sale in the new town of Gadsden. THE LADY IN BLACK Etowah County has many valuable natural resources. Because of this, our county and the cities and towns located here have

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