I Survived the Attacks of September 11th, 2001 (I Survived, Book 6)

I Survived the Attacks of September 11th, 2001 (I Survived, Book 6)

Lauren Tarshis

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0545207002

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

On the day that shocks the world, one boy just wants to find his family. A powerful addition to the gripping I SURVIVED series.

The only thing Lucas loves more than football is his Uncle Benny, his dad's best friend at the fire department where they both work. Benny taught Lucas everything about football. So when Lucas's parents decide the sport is too dangerous and he needs to quit, Lucas has to talk to his biggest fan.

So the next morning, Lucas takes the train to the city instead of the bus to school. It's a bright, beautiful day in New York. But just as Lucas arrives at his uncle's firehouse, everything changes -- and nothing will ever be the same again.

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alive. He and his little sister, Phoebe, are sailing with their aunt on the Titanic, the greatest ship ever built. George can’t resist exploring every inch of the incredible boat, even if it keeps getting him into trouble. Then the impossible happens — the Titanic hits an iceberg and water rushes in. George is stranded, alone and afraid, on the sinking ship. He’s always gotten out of trouble before … but how can he survive this? Chet Roscow is finally feeling at home in Elm Hills, New

Dad he knew it by heart — the train to Penn Station, the subway to Canal Street. When he got out of the subway, he looked up and found his landmark: the two silver buildings jutting into the sky. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center was nine blocks south of the fire station. So he just followed his view of the towers until he hit the right street. As Lucas walked, he thought of the last time he and Dad visited the Trade Center. They’d gotten there early, before

the familiar smell of diesel fuel and sweat. He’d always loved the sight of all the guys’ black bunker coats hanging on the walls, the pants already tucked into the big black boots. The firehouse was crowded. The guys from the last shift were saying their good-byes and the morning men were just getting settled. Guys came from all over the firehouse to say hi to Lucas, wrapping him in bear hugs, rubbing his head, and telling him he was growing like a weed. “I’ve missed my assistant,” said

click, and then the glow of a small yellow circle. It looked like the moon on a foggy night. The air was filled with white floating dust — to Lucas it seemed like they were trapped inside a snow globe. There were four other people in the store with him and Dad, two women and two men. The younger of the men came from behind the counter of the store. He worked there. Dad asked everyone their names. “I want everyone to put a piece of clothing in front of your mouth,” he told them. “It’s not

escaped the towers before they collapsed. The memories of that day remain sharp and terrifying. Though I work in New York City, in an office about a mile from the World Trade Center, I was not in New York City when the planes struck. I was on a plane above the Atlantic Ocean, heading back to New York from a family reunion and celebration in Europe. I had said good-bye to my husband in London; he was staying for a wedding of a business friend. I couldn’t wait to see my kids and my parents, who

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