I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

Lauren Tarshis

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0545206944

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The most terrifying events in history are brought vividly to life in this New York Times bestselling series!

Ten-year-old George Calder can't believe his luck -- he and his little sister, Phoebe, are on the famous Titanic, crossing the ocean with their Aunt Daisy. The ship is full of exciting places to explore, but when George ventures into the first class storage cabin, a terrible boom shakes the entire boat. Suddenly, water is everywhere, and George's life changes forever.

Lauren Tarshis brings history's most exciting and terrifying events to life in this New York Times bestselling series. Readers will be transported by stories of amazing kids and how they survived!


















any other disaster in modern history. I tried to include as much information as I could in the book. But here are some more amazing facts that I wanted to share with you. • The Titanic was the largest ship—the largest moving object—ever built. It weighed close to 50,000 tons, and was eleven stories tall and four city blocks long. • There were 2,229 people on board—1,316 passengers and 913 crew. Survivors included 498 passengers and 215 members of the crew. • The passengers came from 28

Andrews said. “That is certainly true.” “What if the Titanic was hit by a meteor?” said Phoebe, whose latest obsession was outer space. She was determined to see a shooting star before they docked in New York. Mr. Andrews didn’t laugh or roll his eyes like Mr. Landers did when Phoebe asked her questions. “I hadn’t planned on any meteors hitting the ship,” Mr. Andrews said thoughtfully. “But I’d like to think she could take almost anything and still float.” Phoebe seemed satisfied. “Are there

fallen branch. He turned and waved it in front of him. The panther lunged and grabbed the branch in its jaws. George let go of the stick and scrambled up a tree, climbing as high as he could go. The cat dropped the branch and came after him, like a shadow with glowing eyes. George pulled out his knife. He waited until the cat’s front paws were on the small branch just below him. And then, with all his might, he chopped at the branch with his knife. Crack. The branch broke free. The giant

fast as he could down the hall. He heard shouting behind him, but he didn’t stop until he was back on B deck, safe again in first class. A steward hurried past him with a stack of clean towels. “Good evening, sir,” he said. George nodded, out of breath. Nothing could happen to him up here, he knew. So why was his heart still pounding? It was the ship, he realized — that thundering noise. That shaking in the hold. Had a boiler exploded? Had a steam pipe burst? An eerie silence surrounded him,

forward and threw her arms around George, burying her face in his chest. “I found you,” she whispered. George didn’t bother arguing over who did the finding. And anyway, his words were stuck in his throat. So he just held her tight. It took some time for Phoebe to calm down enough to tell her story: that yes, she had been looking for George and heading for the baggage hold, that she got caught in the crowd of people rushing toward the back of the ship. “It was like a stampede,” she said. As

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