Iron Wolf: A Novel

Iron Wolf: A Novel

Dale Brown

Language: English

Pages: 624

ISBN: 0062262416

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown goes beyond the headlines in this high-tech, high-tension military thriller in which a resurgent Russia enflames sectarian unrest and violence in Ukraine and Poland, setting off a stealth robotic war and escalating an international crisis.

In the spring of 2017, the U.S. economy is rebounding under President Stacy Anne Barbeau, the country’s first female president. But her leadership is about to be severely tested: Russian president Gennadiy Gryzlov has sent Special Troops, disguised as pro-Russian activists, into Ukraine and Moldova. Though NATO is outraged, its response is tepid. Refusing to let Russian aggression go unpunished, former U.S. president Kevin Martindale approaches Polish president Peter Wilk with a radical solution: a counterattack using a covert force of Cybernetic Infantry Device (CID): manned robots.

Underwritten by the wealthy Wilk, Operation Iron Wolf is launched—without the knowledge of the Americans or its NATO partners. The CID’s initial strikes are successful, infuriating Gryzlov and propelling President Barbeau to pledge western help to investigate the attack. With international tensions at the boiling point, Martindale’s secret alliance, supported by the best military technology, is determined to outmaneuver the Russians.

In this battle that will determine the fate of Eastern Europe, just which side will win?














movement of American military or intelligence aircraft, but a movement so secret that not even its own naval commanders were briefed about it in advance.” He turned to the map plot showing the present position of Admiral Kuznetsov and its escorting destroyers and frigates. They were about one hundred and sixty kilometers east-northeast of Gibraltar, steaming almost due east under Moscow’s most recent orders to return to the Black Sea. If the Ukrainians chose to impede the Russian troops

He looked up to see Cartwright watching him calmly. He breathed out. Maybe it was worth taking a chance. He slipped the envelope into the inner pocket of his blue uniform jacket. “I see what you mean.” “I thought you would,” the other man said, smiling. “We did rather a lot of careful research on you, you see.” Talbot felt a shiver run up his spine. The less time he spent with this spook the better. “Well, I guess we’re done here, then,” he muttered. “Yes, I believe so. Thank you for your

McLanahan?” Nadia said, suddenly realizing why this young man’s name had seemed so familiar. Among her peers in Poland’s air force, the missions flown by Patrick McLanahan and the men and women under his command were legendary. “He’s . . . I mean, he was . . . my father,” Brad said quietly. “I am very sorry,” Nadia told him, fumbling slightly for the proper English phrases. “He was a great man. Please accept my condolences on your loss.” She looked even more closely at the younger McLanahan.

gracious of you,” Górski murmured, eyes greedily drinking in every line and curve. “Most appreciated.” “You deserve it,” the second Ukrainian told him. He smiled. “Nothing but the best for one of our friends, eh? She’ll take very good care of you. She knows lots of”—he winked—“special tricks.” Once they transferred the weapons and other military hardware to the blue panel van, the Polish supply sergeant was almost pathetically eager to get on his way. With a jaunty wave, he pulled back out onto

retorted. “I am informing you, purely as gesture of diplomatic courtesy, of my government’s intentions. Nothing more.” His expression was icy. “For the moment, I am willing to entertain the possibility that you Americans were truly unaware of this Polish conspiracy against us—that you were simply unwitting dupes in a diabolical scheme run entirely by the fascist clique in Warsaw. But if you wish me to continue accepting this theory, whether it is fact or merely a polite fiction, you will stand

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