Knight's Ransom (The E Z Knight Reports): The E Z Knight Reports Series

Knight's Ransom (The E Z Knight Reports): The E Z Knight Reports Series

Gordon A Kessler

Language: English

Pages: 244

ISBN: 1470104326

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For E Z Knight, when it rains, it pours—and it seldom tastes anything like water.

In this first novel published of ”The E Z Knight Reports” series, E Z has a million-dollar contract on his head and a whole boatload of hit men after his ass. Even worse, a young Russian beauty has just handed him a photo of his six-year-old goddaughter wearing a vest wired with enough plastic explosives to bring down the Golden Gate Bridge.

Nowadays, all E Z wants is to be left alone. He seeks an uncomplicated and safe life, living with his golden retriever, Jazzy Brass, on a sailboat in Southern California. But his past won’t cooperate. When, only two minutes before his neighbor’s sailboat blows up in front of him, he’s handed a picture of his best friend’s kidnapped daughter strapped with Semtex, he knows there’ll be no peace today. He’s stared down death more times than he can remember, but death hasn’t come to harvest someone this close to him since his wife was murdered six years ago.

E Z’s former best friend, Jason Ryder, is up for an Oscar, and the man’s newly divorced wife, actress Stella Hutchins, is E Z’s very hot ex-girlfriend. With their little girl in jeopardy, they must put on a facade of normalcy on the biggest night of their lives—that could also be their last.

A walk down the Academy Awards’ Red Carpet is a new experience for an old Leatherneck, but former US Force Recon Marine, E Z Knight isn’t shy. He’d do anything to get his goddaughter back safely—be it by bullet or by bedroom—and he must have a little of both to get to the bottom of this one.

Teaming up with a spicy little Russian who carries a Mach 10, an old woman who flips him the bird every morning, and a couple of his old comrades-in-arms, E Z’s bound to track down little Sophie Ryder’s abductors, rescue her, get her home unharmed, and do away with some very nasty bastards, all in short order. But in the hours to come, a deadly old nemesis returns, and a new team of very lethal assassins strikes at his heart.

E Z never liked killing, but he’s good at it, and the next forty-eight hours are bound to be murder.
* * *
A sexy, humorous and irreverent series as well as a somewhat realistic and poignant look at the darker side of life, crime and the human condition. With a modern-day, ramped up and gritty "The Rockford Files"/"Magnum PI" feel, a Jack Bauer-capable hero and a "24" pace, this series consists of page-thrumming, novels.
* * *
"The E Z Knight Reports" series has a special section on the author's website and blog ( with info on each of the books, E Z Knight, Jazzy Brass and the "Knight Girls". You'll also find information about the author and his other novels and works.


















with that sound the first time I’d heard it decades ago in my father’s garage. The KR stood for King of the Road, and it felt like it. I could tell Jazzy loved it as well. She gave me one of those yeah, uh-hu, that’s-what-I’m-talking-about looks. I nodded back and yanked it into second. The tachometer needle flicked to the right as the wide back tires chirped — still keeping within the speed limit. I didn’t need a ticket on top of my other troubles. I threw the shifter into third gear with

up my ass.” “Ve can do that for you, too,” says the talker. He turns on a flashlight and flicks it around. “This vay.” Oz is whisked away to follow the talker by the men holding him. These two are real strong arms — Oz is a big man and being whisked away is a fair chore. “Vait,” the talker suddenly says, and they all stop. “Vhat is that?” His light is on a figure at the end of the bar. A gun appears in his raised hand and points at it. “Looks like some kinda dummy,” one of the strong arms

locked eyes momentarily. As I finished introducing Zoya to the four in the bar, Smokey walked in the side door with her four-year-old in her arms, and my phone rang. The phone display said “Beautiful,” so I answered. I smiled at Smokey. She was a beautiful sight; lovely full lips, large brown eyes, a petite sexy figure, and true to her Chippewa heritage on her mother’s side, long, nearly jet-black hair. She grinned back. “Hey, Beautiful,” I said into the phone. Smokey began to answer,

front of the red carpet archway. I took a moment to watch their coverage as they filmed the celebs getting out at the curb. “It doesn’t look like they’re checking celebrities’ purses on the red carpet.” I took the subcompact Glock 29 I got from Beautiful out from behind my jacket — it was much less bulky than my Beretta 96. “Put this in yours. If they find it — act ignorant. You’re still a big star, and it’s the Academy’s security that would search you. They won’t want the bad publicity that

This awards ceremony would soon come to a close, without incident. Only three more awards to go; the Best Actor Stella was presenting, then Best Actress and finally Best Motion Picture. I suddenly had an even more worrisome thought, and since Booger hadn’t answered, I texted Beautiful. “Ask Harp what color fabric.” On stage, Stella was carrying on and laughing. It was her reclaimed three minutes of fame. She announced the nominees. They showed clips of the actors in their films. Twenty seconds

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