Legacy of the Claw (Animas, Book 1)

Legacy of the Claw (Animas, Book 1)

C. R. Grey

Language: English

Pages: 164


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

To twelve-year-old Bailey Walker, kin means more than just family. It means being a part of the Animas bond, a harmonious link that connects humans and animals, and guides everything in his world. But Bailey hasn't found his kin yet, and without an Animas, he's destined to be an outsider-or worse, lose his mind entirely. So when he's accepted into the prestigious Fairmount Academy, he's determined to Awaken to his Animas once and for all, even if it's a measly worm.

But once there, Bailey can't resist the pull of the dark mysteries surrounding the kingdom. A bear has been viciously attacked on school grounds, and when he and his friends discover signs of a ferocious predator in the woods surrounding campus, he knows something's out there, something dangerous. And Fairmount isn't the only place where darkness is brewing. In the capital city, a new leader preaches that humans must assert power over their kin, enslave them instead of living as one.

Bailey can't shake the feeling that the root of the unrest, and the key to his Awakening, lies in an old riddle entwined around an even older prophecy-a prophecy that may reveal the truth about the rightful king of Aldermere. And Bailey may be the only one who can unravel them. The capital's dark forces will stop at nothing to prevent the prophecy from coming true. If they succeed, the Animas bond will be in peril. Can Bailey help protect the Animas bond while still trying to awaken to his own? In this first installment of the gripping ANIMAS series, the battle is just beginning.

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that he’d left his training days behind him. But surely a man who had fearlessly fought off the wolf in the woods couldn’t merely be a normal tinkerer with nothing odd up his coal-dusted sleeves. And that strange riddle …  Here, perhaps, was Bailey’s chance to find out something more that would explain Tremelo’s cryptic words. Bailey looked around cautiously—none of the chaperones were watching him. Could he sneak away and follow Tremelo? After all, if he was caught, he could simply say he was

the Animas bond. Its origins. Its tricky nature. How it”—here he made a swooshing, circular movement with his large hands—“flows around everything. Like a …  a …  current! A current, that’s what he told me once. Get a little rootwort in him, he’d tell you all kinds of things like that. But when the Jackal’s men finally came for the Loon, he gave it all up. Didn’t want them coming for him too, I expect. Cut off all ties, ’cept for a myrgwood purchase here ’n’ there.” He took a sip out of his mug

hot. He knew that he had seen something—hadn’t he? For a second, he wondered if Roger were right and he had mistaken a wolf for something else. But no. The creature he’d seen had been large enough to spot from several yards away, and had been a pure, snowy white. “I know what I saw,” said Bailey quietly to Hal. “Sure, I believe you.” Hal sat down on his cot, but didn’t climb in just yet. He was still fidgeting; Bailey could tell he wanted to say something more. Around them, the excitement

Can’t afford to have you late, not with Finch breathing down your neck!” Bailey felt trapped. He fell in line behind Coach and cast a warning look at Taylor before entering the field. The book and the Glass felt heavy and foreboding in his bag. “Get yourself into your gear, and let’s get started,” said Coach. Bailey rushed into the locker room, Taylor eyeing him from the edge of the field. He changed into his Scavage gear and hid his bag with the Glass and book at the bottom of his locker

wrong kind of attention. We have to find Bailey.” “He might be with Phi,” Hal said. “Scavage practice only ended a little while ago.” The group made their way toward the Scavage field, but just over the hill, they heard someone shrieking in terror. Tremelo sprinted up, clearly worried, with Tori and Hal close behind. But it wasn’t Bailey—it was Taylor. Phi’s falcon, Carin, was flapping her wings around his head and chasing him across the field. “What did you tell Coach?” Phi was yelling.

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