Leviathan Rising: Roman (Pax Britannia) (German Edition)

Leviathan Rising: Roman (Pax Britannia) (German Edition)

Language: German

Pages: 430


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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LEVIATHAN RISING - Band 2 der rasanten Action-Thrillerserie um den eloquenten britischen Geheimdienst-Abenteurer Ulysses Quicksilver!

Er erhebt sich aus der Tiefe... und er hat Hunger!

In 80 Tagen um die Welt - mit Stil! Dieses vollmundige Versprechen der Carcharodon Shipping Company soll mit der Jungfernfahrt des neuesten und mehr als beeindruckenden Unterwasserkreuzfahrtschiffs Neptune auf die Probe gestellt werden.
Unter den Reisenden befindet sich auch Ulysses Quicksilver, der Dandy-Abenteurer und Held von Magna Britannia, um sich eine wohlverdiente Ruhepause nach den traumatischen Erlebnissen des 160. Thronjubiläums von Queen Victoria zu gönnen.
Doch bereits wenige Tage nach dem Besuch der Unterwasserstadt Pacifica kommt es zur Katastrophe. Ein brutaler Mord wird begangen, und kurz darauf wird die Neptune Opfer einer Sabotage, welche das Schiff in die bodenlose Tiefe des Meeres sinken lässt. Doch gefangen auf dem Meeresgrund, haben die Probleme für die Überlebenden gerade erst begonnen. Denn hier unten lauert ein jahrzehntealtes Geheimnis auf sie.
Der Leviathan ist erwacht und erhebt sich hungrig aus der Tiefe. Wenn er sich auf die Jagd begibt, wird niemand seiner urzeitlichen Wut entkommen …

Dieses Ebook enthält auch die spannende Kurzgeschichte VANISHING POINT, die einen Ausblick auf Band 3 gewährt! Diese Kurzgeschichte ist keine Leseprobe, sondern ein eigenständiges Werk, welches sich in die Bände einreiht.

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got as far as destroying all of my notes associated with the project and was preparing to destroy the machine itself when that so-called 'accident' occurred." Ulysses fixed Oddfellow with a penetrating stare, the pieces of the puzzle finally beginning to make sense. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, with cold purpose. "You must destroy the sphere, so that no-one can ever use it as a weapon or to further any evil plan for dominion." Ulysses didn't need to be told twice. He trusted the old

isn't until nine, isn't it?" "It's a very urgent matter, sir. The captain wouldn't bother you if it wasn't an emergency." At that moment there was a discreet tap at the adjoining door between Ulysses' cabin and the communal room of the suite. "Come in, Nimrod," Ulysses said. The door opened and Ulysses' manservant's aquiline profile appeared around the edge. "I just wanted to check you were awake, sir," he said. "It sounds like something that won't wait." "I know," Ulysses muttered,

intoned, as if he was reading a eulogy. "For God's sake man!" Jonah Carcharodon called up the slanting stairwell from where Mr Wates was helping Ulysses and Nimrod carry him and his chair down the next short flight of steps. "As if things weren't bad enough, without us having to listen to you!" "His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep," Crichton went on. "Please, Maxwell," - it was Lady Denning who took up the baton to call for the disheartening recital to stop - "now is neither the time nor

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although he realised now that he had seen it before - they all had, only the last time it was being worn by a dead man. Carefully, Marie placed the metal-banded helmet on top of her head. The coloured light-emitting diodes that covered its surface were blinking on and off like fairy lights. The wires that trailed from the crown had been bound together into one thick cable which, in turn, had been plugged into the console. "You were busy while I was away, weren't you? Well, they do say the Devil

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