Lockdown: Escape from Furnace 1

Lockdown: Escape from Furnace 1

Alexander Gordon Smith

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0312611935

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Furnace Penitentiary: the world's most secure prison for young offenders, buried a mile beneath the earth's surface. Convicted of a murder he didn't commit, sentenced to life without parole, "new fish" Alex Sawyer knows he has two choices: find a way out, or resign himself to a death behind bars, in the darkness at the bottom of the world. Except in Furnace, death is the least of his worries. Soon Alex discovers that the prison is a place of pure evil, where inhuman creatures in gas masks stalk the corridors at night, where giants in black suits drag screaming inmates into the shadows, where deformed beasts can be heard howling from the blood-drenched tunnels below. And behind everything is the mysterious, all-powerful warden, a man as cruel and dangerous as the devil himself, whose unthinkable acts have consequences that stretch far beyond the walls of the prison.

Together with a bunch of inmates―some innocent kids who have been framed, others cold-blooded killers―Alex plans an escape. But as he starts to uncover the truth about Furnace's deeper, darker purpose, Alex's actions grow ever more dangerous, and he must risk everything to expose this nightmare that's hidden from the eyes of the world.

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see the dirt clogging his pores. “Get this straight from the start, new fish,” he said, jabbing me in the chest with a filthy fingernail. “You on our turf now, so you take orders from me.” My heart was pounding so hard it felt like something inside me was about to burst. I tried meeting his glare with one of my own, and was holding up pretty well until I suddenly started thinking that this was how the kids at school must have felt when Toby and I had pressed them for money—powerless, furious,

were kids. Gary strode forward and grabbed Kevin’s arm, bending it in such a way that the shank fell from his grip. The Skull was yelling in pain, his fury replaced by fear. “Kill him!” Kevin yelled to dead ears. “Cut his heart out.” “This is great,” said Donovan. “Kevin’s been asking for it ever since he arrived. About time he got some himself. Hope the new kid roughs him up a bit.” Gary kept twisting Kevin’s arm, using both hands to bend back the wrist to an impossible angle until, in

the whole world into darkness. Each time it happened I was gripped by terror—the fear that a monstrous dark figure would rise from the fog and snatch me up, carry me away forever. But the moon always fought back, bathing the field and its sole inhabitant in its liquid silver. My options were few and far between. I could sit here and wait for morning, when the school would be full of people all looking for me. I could head home—surely the news about Toby’s death wouldn’t have broken yet, and I

denied their bloodlust, but Gary didn’t seem to care. He bent down and grabbed my dripping overalls, pulling me up until his face was an inch away. “Your lucky day, little man,” he hissed in my ear, confirming my worst fears. “Looks like I’m hitching a lift out of this place with you.” BACK TO WORK “WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?” It must have been the tenth time Donovan said it as we made our slow way out of the gym. I was so battered and bruised that I couldn’t even pick myself off the ground,

“They’re the men who framed me. They killed Toby!” But the judge simply banged his gavel and fixed me with a contemptuous stare. “Of course they are,” he said, his voice oily with sarcasm. “These men are representatives from Furnace Penitentiary. Is this what your defense has come to? Accusing anybody of your crimes. Was I there? Did I have a disagreement with your accomplice and pull the trigger too?” The jury laughed, and the men in black suits unveiled their shark grins and flashed their

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