Mirror Dance (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures)

Mirror Dance (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures)

Lois McMaster Bujold

Language: English

Pages: 592

ISBN: 0671876465

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The exciting follow-up to Brothers in Arms. Miles Vorkosigan is in trouble. His brother, a cloned stranger formed from tissue stolen from Miles when he was a child, wants to murder and replace him. Unfortunately, Mark has learned that without Miles, he is . . . nothing.

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she came and sat by him. "Lilly wants me to bring you upstairs." "All right_" He made to rise, but she stopped him. She kissed him. It was a long, long kiss, which at first delighted and then worried him. He broke away to ask, "Rowan, what's the matter?" "... I think I love you." "This is a problem?" "Only my problem." She managed a brief, unhappy smile. "I'll handle it." He captured her hands, traced tendon and vein. She had brilliant hands. He did not know what to say. She drew him to

up, I gather it got pretty nightmarish. They kept training him to be me, but every time they thought they'd got it, I'd do something unexpected and they had to start over. They kept changing and elaborating their plans. The plot dragged on for years after the time they'd first hoped to bring it off. They were a small group, operating on a shoestring anyway. Their leader, Ser Galen, was half-mad himself, I think." Around and around. "Part of the time Galen would treat Mark like the great hope for

history, though. "So what is it you want from me, Admiral?" "I wish to help you. I can, if given a free hand, extract my people from that unfortunate dilemma downside with a minimum of further damage to Bharaputran persons or property. Quiet and clean. I would even consider paying reasonable costs of physical damages thus far incurred." "I do not require your help, Admiral." "You do if you wish to keep your costs down." Vasa Luigi's eyes narrowed, considering this. "Is that a threat?" Miles

Then they dove and pulled off Miles's command helmet. She flung her own squad leader's helmet to the floor and replaced it on her smooth gray hood with Miles's. Her lips moved, establishing contact, checking channels. The helmet was undamaged, apparently. She yelled orders to perimeter-people, queries to the drop shuttle, and one other. "Norwood, get back here, get back here. Yes, bring it, bring it now. On the double, Norwood!" Her head swivelled away from Miles only long enough to shout,

communication station, her gray hood pushed back, sweat-soaked dark curls in disarray. "Framingham! Report!" she was crying into the comm. "You've got to get into the air. Bharaputran airborne reinforcements are almost on top of you." Across the flight deck at the station opposite Quinn's, Thorne monitored a tactical holovid. Two Dendarii colored dots, fighter shuttles, set upon but failed to break up an array of enemy shuttles passing a ghost city, astral projection of the live city turning

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