Operation Barracude (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Book 2)

Operation Barracude (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Book 2)

David Michaels

Language: English

Pages: 241

ISBN: 2:00311924

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A continuing video-game tie-in novel series "created by" Tom Clancy, but written by various authors under the pseudonym David Michaels

As part of a top-secret initiative called Third Echelon, National Security Agency special operative Sam Fisher has been given license to spy, steal, destroy, and assassinate to protect America. And he does...

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riding a bike. Well, Katia Loenstern is one hell of a ride. She rode me pretty hard, too. We must have slept for a half hour, then got to it again. You'd have thought I'd been celibate for a century. After chugging down the rest of the tepid champagne, we tried another position. Katia marveled at my stamina and I welcomed her enthusiasm. It was the best morning--and best birthday--I'd had in years. We contemplate taking a shower together just as my beeper goes off. That means I need to make a

equipment for a Splinter Cell. I made my objections to the concept known, loud and clear. The main disadvantage, in my opinion, is that it's dangerous enough having one agent vulnerable to capture and torture. At least a Splinter Cell is trained to withstand rough treatment. What happens if a Field Runner is caught? How is this woman--Frances Coen--going to react when the bad guys try to extract information from her with hot irons? I save the argument for later. Right now I'm more concerned

wide, snaking river that runs from western Russia through Belarus, and down into Ukraine all the way to the Black Sea. The spot I happened to pick for entry has no easy grade to climb down. I estimate it's at least a fifty-foot drop. So I assume a stance, concentrate, take a deep breath, and jump off the bank. I hit the cold water like a knife, relax, and let my natural buoyancy lift me to the surface. Lambert was right. My suit keeps out the frigid temperature, but the ice water bites at my

what happens if Ming finds out where all this Barracuda stuff is going?" Zdrok felt himself shudder. "That would be very unfortunate. Under no circumstances are the Lucky Dragons to know our plans." "I know that. You've said it a hundred times." "Then that makes it a hundred and one." "But if General Tun flaunts--" "Quiet. By then it will be too late." Antipov sighed. "Is that all, Andrei? I have an order to put together. In fact, most of it will have to be shipped from Russia. Tell Ming

hand out in front of him, warning him not to get any closer. "It was a pleasure meeting you guys," I say with a smile, then I let go of Joe's hand. If looks could kill . . . but I pay them no mind as I turn and walk out the door. 33 THE trip to the coastal region of Fujian was uneventful. I made my way to Guangzhou by train on a falsified work visa and passport that indicated I'd be consulting with high schools on creating a "foreign government policies" curriculum. The U.S. consul

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