Phylogenesis: Book One of The Founding of the Commonwealth

Phylogenesis: Book One of The Founding of the Commonwealth

Alan Dean Foster

Language: English

Pages: 289

ISBN: 0345418611

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the years after first contact, humans and the intelligent insect like Thranx agree to a tentative sharing of ideas and cultures despite the ingrained repulsion they have yet to overcome. Thus, a slow, lengthy process of limited contact begins.

Yet they never plan for a chance meeting between a misfit artist and a petty thief. Desvendapur is a talented Thranx poet who is bored with his life and needs new inspiration for his work. Venturing beyond the familiar, Desvendapur runs into Cheelo Montoya, a small-time criminal with big dreams of making a fast buck. Together they will embark upon a journey that will forever change their beliefs, their futures, and their worlds . . .


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be frightened—also amazed, overwhelmed, terrified, awed, and subject to every other strong emotion possible. It was only from such extremes of feeling that true art arose. But he could not tell her that. He could not tell anyone. What emotions he experienced, as first assistant food preparator Desvenbapur, were only supposed to arise from intimate contact with vegetables. 8 He was the first of the four adventurous ones to present himself at the designated assembly point. The others

other hand, palm upward. “Wallet!” he snapped curtly. When the man, who was despite his age large and fit looking, hesitated, Cheelo barked as threateningly as he could, “Now—or I’ll skrag you and take it anyway!” “Martin, give it to him!” the wife pleaded. “Everything’s insured.” Ah, traveler’s insurance, Cheelo mused. The casual thief’s best friend. “Slowly—so I can see it as you bring it out.” He couched the warning in his most intimidating manner. Glaring down at him, the well-dressed

few people lived who did not work in one of the numerous mines gouged from the arid landscape. There was still room for a person to lose himself, but not enough room—not for the kind of near-total disappearance Cheelo had in mind. That left the enormous Reserva Amazonia. The most biologically diverse stretch of rain forest wilderness left on the planet, it had seen its last indigenous inhabitants resettled elsewhere more than a hundred years earlier. Since then it had been abandoned to its great

the AAnn or some other equally unpleasant species gain the low ground with them. That will be part and parcel of your work. You are all specialists, some in advanced fields of research, others in support, but each of you is an ambassador. Never, never, forget that.” They were dismissed to return to their quarters to collect their belongings and their thoughts. Des did not know what was racing through the minds of his three companions, but as for himself he could hardly contain his excitement.

anyone for anything before and he wasn’t about to start now, but he wasn’t ready to die, either. The nearer poacher glanced over at his colleague and smiled unpleasantly. “Hear that, Hapec? Now he’s telling us what we want.” The rifle in his hands hummed softly with barely contained death. “We know what we want, man.” “I’m on my way up to Golfito, Costa Rica, to see Rudolf Ehrenhardt,” Cheelo declared importantly. “He’s expecting me on a matter of real importance.” “Too bad,” responded the

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