Point of Impact (Bob Lee Swagger)

Point of Impact (Bob Lee Swagger)

Stephen Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 592

ISBN: 0553563513

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He was one the best Marine snipers in Vietnam. Today, twenty years later, disgruntled hero of an unheroic war, all Bob Lee Swagger wants to be left alone and to leave the killing behind.

But with consummate psychological skill, a shadowy military organization seduces Bob into leaving his beloved Arkansas hills for one last mission for his country, unaware until too late that the game is rigged.

The assassination plot is executed to perfection—until Bob Lee Swagger, alleged lone gunman, comes out of the operation alive, the target of a nationwide manhunt, his only allies a woman he just met and a discredited FBI agent.

Now Bob Lee Swagger is on the run, using his lethal skills once more—but this time to track down the men who set him up and to break a dark conspiracy aimed at the very heart of America.

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is—” “The chances of us making an interception are nil. Not in his territory. All right,” said Shreck, leaning forward, “let me ask you a question. Have you ever hunted?” “Hunted? Good God, no. I mean, it’s so … bar-baric.” A faint look of distaste came across Dobbler’s face, unintended. “Yes, well, you put all that aside now. You just became a hunter. It’s your job to work out a way we can lure this tough old boy and his new pal into ambush. Hunt him, Dobbler. You don’t have to kill him—we’ll

swift exit from the kill zone. He fell into spastic panic so intense it almost killed him there on the spot. In a split second, he had recovered, hit the toggle on his wheelchair and spun quickly. Too quickly, because he was leaning forward from the shoulders and he realized he’d blown by the center of gravity; he jerked back, but it was too late. The chair spilled, pitching him on the cement of the pool deck, anchored by the deadweight of the useless lower half of his body. He was helpless. He

yesterday morning. They sold a thousand-round case of the stuff to two men. Tall, rangy guy, mid-forties, very quiet. And heavyset blond guy, crew cut, who did all the talking. They couldn’t positively ID Bob but the salesman gave me an absolute total yes on Nick Memphis.” “Nick, Nick, Nick,” said Utey. “Howard,” said Hap, “is there any possibility Nick is working very deep cover for someone on a higher level? I can’t believe Nick would go renegade on us. Nick’s a good Bureau guy, Bureau to his

deposit box. His corporate portfolio, amounting to over seven million dollars, went to the National Association of Quadriplegics. Bob Lee Swagger was another instant MIA. When all state charges were dropped as a consequence of the collapse of the federal case, he vanished from public sight almost immediately with the woman Julie Fenn. But he paid his debts, in the currency of his choice. An ex-big game hunter in Oklahoma was astounded to discover a package delivered to his doorstep. Opening it,

clumsiness about The Tragedy, as he knew it was called, they got to like her, and some of the wives grew close to Myra and had the habit of dropping in. But he shook the image out of his head, feeling the temptation to slide back into the good old days. He knew that way was craziness, he’d end up in another crying jag. He tried to get hold of himself, thought the best thing might be to go for a long drive, just point the car toward Biloxi and go, maybe spend a couple of days lying at the beach.

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