Polar Quest (Rogue Angel, Book 16)

Polar Quest (Rogue Angel, Book 16)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 2:00306493

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When archaeologist Annja Creed reluctantly agrees to help an old colleague on a dig in Antarctica, she wonders what he's gotten her into. It turns out that her former associate has found a necklace made of an unknown metal depicting three snakes. He claims it's over forty thousand years old—and that it may not have earthly origins.

As the pair conduct their research, Annja soon realizes she has more to worry about than being caught in snowslides. Because everyone is hiding something—from her friend, to the U.S. military personnel guarding the site. With no one to trust and someone out to kill her, Annja has nowhere to turn. And everything to lose.

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in space, waiting to be used. Annja reached for it and touched the handle. A jolt of energy seemed to surge through her body as it always did when she prepared to unsheathe the blade. The dull glow extended from the sword blade up her hands and wrists now. Annja watched it spread farther. Can I will this to cover my body? she wondered. On cue, the glow spread farther up her arms until she could feel the prickliness of its energy encompassing her entire upper torso. Annja willed it farther down

was out of the shelter before Zach. The pistol he held in his hand stood out in the light. The look on his face was harder than anything she’d seen before. He saw Annja and came right over. “What the hell happened?” “I saw someone standing out here.” “So you came to investigate without putting on any boots or even your coat?” Dave shook his head. “Get inside, for crying out loud, before the whole camp wakes up.” Annja walked back inside and instantly the heat of the shelter started warming

“You’re quite certain?” The sergeant nodded. “We got confirmation midafternoon today of the security compromise.” Colonel Thomson frowned. “And you’re certain it involved our communications network?” “Without a doubt, sir. The initial hacker intrusion occurred on our Navstar satellite, which, as you know, is in a geosynchronous orbit that takes it into our area of operations throughout the day, except for the blackout periods.” Thomson nodded. “How on earth did a hacker know we were even

us could be maimed or worse by an explosion in this confined area.” “I think that is a risk we are going to have to take, Sergeant. You see, I don’t believe that she has wired this laptop to explode. I don’t believe it at all. I think it’s a last-ditch effort to keep us from discovering that she was behind yesterday’s hacker intrusion.” Annja said nothing. She simply sat there and let the smile on her face do all the work for her. “She knows she’s out of time and is playing this one last card

“You’re just a five-hundred-year-old cynic.” He smiled. “I am at that.” “Not everyone is,” Annja reminded him. “What about the other guy—Dave?” Annja shook her head. “He’s something of a mystery. He claims to be a geologist, but there’s a part of him that seems to be anything but a scientist. I get the feeling he’s worked in covert operations before.” “He’s a spy?” “Maybe not a spy, but he knows that world. I’m pretty sure of it,” Annja said. Garin crossed his arms. “So why’s he here?”

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