Pyramid: A Novel (Jack Howard)

Pyramid: A Novel (Jack Howard)

David Gibbins

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0345534727

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Perfect for fans of Clive Cussler and Dan Brown, Pyramid is a thrilling new adventure starring fearless marine archaeologist Jack Howard, in a heart-stopping quest to uncover an ancient Egyptian secret—and make the most amazing discovery of our time.
For thousands of years, Egypt was a rich, ingenious civilization. Then it became a fertile hunting ground for archaeologists and explorers. Now the streets of Cairo teem with violence as a political awakening shakes the region. In the face of overwhelming danger, Jack Howard and his team of marine archaeologists have gathered pieces of a fantastic puzzle. But putting it together may cost them their lives.
Howard has connected a mystery hidden inside a great pyramid to a fossilized discovery in the Red Sea and a 110-year-old handwritten report of a man who claims to have escaped a labyrinth beneath Cairo. For that his team is stalked by a brutal extremist organization that will destroy any treasure they find.
As people fight and die for their rights aboveground, Jack fights for a discovery that will shed an astounding new light on the greatest story ever told: Moses’s exodus from Egypt and the true beginnings of a new chapter in human history.
Praise for the novels of David Gibbins
“What do you get if you cross Indiana Jones with Dan Brown? Answer: David Gibbins.”Daily Mirror (U.K.), on Atlantis
“An exciting mix of fact and fiction, with shades of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones.”—York Evening Press, on Crusader Gold

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removed it. “About a minute more, and then I can actually be Little Joey, real time. Lanowski calls it a mind-meld.” Jack continued staring at the chirping and chattering apparition that was caught in his beam. “Is he really agitated? I mean, you must have programmed this.” “It’s like a smoke alarm. He’s programmed to respond if he finds what I’ve asked him to look for. But he really has been acting like a wilful teenager recently. You think you’ve got problems with Rebecca. I left Lanowski

radiating outward on the floor were raised ridges terminating in carved hands, the unmistakable sign of the Aten, the sun symbol of Akhenaten. One of the arms pointed directly to the shaft they had come through and another to a second shaft visible to the left, coming from the direction of the pyramid. Costas gestured at it, his voice hushed. “That shaft must be the one we were looking through three months ago from beneath the pyramid. You can see the light from the fire shining through, and

lid, suddenly feeling woozy as he did so, his heart pounding and his chest tight. He knew they were more than halfway through Costas’ predicted countdown before the oxygen level became critical. He pushed again, creating a crack just large enough for him to aim his beam inside. He panned it around, and then looked again. “I think Jones would have been disappointed. There’s nothing inside.” “Ancient tomb robbers?” Jack shook his head. “There’s no evidence I can see for robbers ever having gotten

at the petroglyph site.” “Well, I guess at least he’s on the same continent as she is. I know how she feels.” Jack glanced at Aysha, who gave him a rueful look. “Time to go, Jack. There’s a curfew at midnight, and we definitely can’t push that.” Maria looked at them. “I’m doing an all-nighter here and then I’m on the early morning flight back to Heathrow. I want to get my Hebrew expert at the institute to look at this and then I’ll email you the final translation. And watch out for something

sympathies lay more with the extremists in Syria and Iraq than with the interests of the Egyptian people. Most worrying, it had become clear that the Egyptian army, in the past a force for moderation, had been infiltrated to the highest level by officers in the extremist camp, a process that had been going on in secret for years. A military coup now would not bring stability as it had done in the past, but it would provide clout for an extremist takeover. And everyone knew that if that happened,

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