Rashouk the Cave Troll (Beast Quest, Book 21)

Rashouk the Cave Troll (Beast Quest, Book 21)

James Noble, Adam Blade

Language: English

Pages: 28

ISBN: 1408303787

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fight the Beasts. Fear the Magic
Lurking in the Dead Peaks is Rashouk the Cave Troll. The Ghost Beast smells out his victim's fear--and turns them to stone. It will take all of Tom's courage to capture Rashouk's piece of the Amulet of Avantia, but failure means never seeing his father again...

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Tom and Elenna watched the statue of Rashouk fall, plunging through the thick clouds and quickly disappearing from sight. They heard the crash and splinter of stone as the statue smashed to the ground below. Tom suddenly heard the sound of bleating. He looked over to where the mountain goat stood. He was no longer frozen — in fact, he was trotting along the mountain path as if he owned it. Tom turned to Elenna. “Everything is as it should be.” “Don’t get too happy,” his friend warned. “We

about boats and water. But most important, she can think quickly in tight spots, which has helped Tom more than once! STORM Tom’s horse, a gift from King Hugo. Storm’s good instincts and speed have helped Tom and Elenna from the very beginning. SILVER Elenna’s tame wolf and constant companion. Not only is Silver good to have on their side in a fight, but the wolf can also help Tom and Elenna find food when they’re hungry. ADURO The good wizard of Avantia and one of Tom’s closest allies.

him now and it let out a deafening roar, blasting a jet of rancid breath that blew Tom’s hair back. What if I’ve become too reliant on magic? Sweat trickled into Tom’s eyes and the sword hilt felt slippery in his grasp. What if I’m not good enough when I’m just me? The bear raised its mighty clawed paws and Tom realized that his hesitation had cost him dearly — there was no time to defend himself! A gust of air whistled past Tom’s ear, and he saw an arrow hit the bear’s shoulder. The animal

me from finding coal,” he yelled back, raising his pickax. The troll bore down on Bly, his heavy feet leaving deep craters in the ground with every step. By the light of the torch, Fren could see the Beast’s large drooping ears and sunken eyes, pushed to the edges of his face by a wide nose that appeared to quiver as the Beast sniffed the air. Bly gave a roar and charged straight at the hideous creature. The Beast met him head-on and swiped his right arm, slashing at Bly with his sharp nails.

neatly on his feet. Well done, Elenna, Tom thought. The Beast is so mad with pain and anger, he doesn’t know who to attack first. He’s not thinking about changing back into ghostly form now. We’ve almost won! Rashouk turned to face Elenna. At the same moment, Tom dropped his sword and shield and sprang forward, grabbing the troll’s hand. Using every ounce of his strength, Tom wrenched the Beast’s arm back and forced the troll to scratch himself with his own jagged yellow nail. Rashouk

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