Repulse Monkey: 2

Repulse Monkey: 2

Dick Cluster

Language: English

Pages: 197

ISBN: 0525248110

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Stated First Edition. A near fine copy in a fine dust jacket. Soiling to the edges of the book's upper page block. Review copy with publisher's folded, 8 1/2" x 11" letter laid in. Rubbing along the upper edges of the letter.


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liked taking control. It helped that she had such a ready tongue. “You won’t believe this,” Rosemarie Davis said, “but it’s a case not of named after but of named himself.” She said this gravely, not lightly, as if to disbelieve her was a serious step, not to be taken without thought. “The name was Sullivan when he was born. He made the change after he made enough money to forget he was Irish. Not that he would have admitted to such a charge, of course. The lines that made you sit up at the

the woman at the other phone. “…false labor…” he made out. But the woman obviously wasn’t pregnant. She was stuffed into a tight ski-slope-style windbreaker, high heels, tight jeans. Either she was talking about some other kind of labor, or she was talking about somebody else. Then the man who was talking about the cast hung up. Alex moved in on the phone, picked up the receiver to claim it, but didn’t drop his dime in yet. “…with her luck, she’ll have the kid in the car on the way home. What? I

counterpart. Pam Parker was nearly Alex’s height, broad-shouldered, broad-hipped, and broad-bosomed. Her blond hair, dry like straw, was plaited into a long braid that hung far down her back. She looked like an ad for vacationing on an authentic Swedish farm, except she was wearing old jeans and a sweatshirt and her expression was surly rather than welcoming. Alex watched her wipe the counter with a cloth and then accept a dollar from a skier who looked like a midget beside her. She served the

like that?” “That would be one of the tamer ones,” Lena said. She handed it back, like something hot but not intensely so, something that could burn you only if you handled it too long. Her fingers were steady. “Do you know who that is with him?” Alex asked. She shook her head, but for once she didn’t seem to trust her voice. “Ms. Hanson.” Natalie put on her own deep tone again. “This ain’t that big a place. You don’t mean to tell me you don’t know the other women who work in the same ring?”

thought she could get along without other people’s help.” * * * Alex dreamed he was in the pond. It wasn’t cold, but it was dark. He swam in scuba gear. The tanks were heavy, but he wore flippers, huge flippers, that waved on his feet like tropical sea fans. The flippers propelled him steadily forward and down. His flashlight, a long one, held four D-cells like the young local cop’s. It illuminated a narrow shaft of water ahead. It was like the light sabers carried by the Jedi Knights. He knew

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