Risked (The Missing)

Risked (The Missing)

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1416989854

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jonah and Katherine journey to 1918 with the Romanov children in the sixth book of the New York Times bestselling The Missing series, which Kirkus Reviews calls “plenty of fun and great for history teachers as well.”

It’s a paradox: When Jonah and Katherine find themselves on a mission to return Alexei and Anastasia Romanov to history and then save them from the Russian Revolution, they are at a loss. Because in their own time, the bones of Alexei and Anastasia have been positively identified through DNA testing. What hope do they have of saving Alexis and Anastasia’s lives when the twenty-first century has proof of their deaths?

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admitting that I’m right and she was wrong? Jonah marveled. Does this mean miracles really are possible? Jonah didn’t get even a split second to gloat over this turn of events, because the door at the top of the stairs creaked open again. “The commander will see you now,” the guard announced. The man was so high above them at the top of the stairs that Jonah could see only boots silhouetted in the doorway. None of that light trickled down to him and Katherine, so Jonah couldn’t see how his

Hodge did was actually right? Like this is how history is really supposed to go?” “When did you see that online?” Katherine demanded. “Jonah and I were just looking today—I mean, today back home—and it said none of the Romanovs survived!” Gavin gaped at her. “What?” he said. “No—I just looked it up yesterday—yesterday when I was in the twenty-first century—” “So what changed from one day to the next?” Chip asked. “Did Gary and Hodge find a way out of time prison and mess everything up?”

gave us his word that this won’t be like the other times servants left,” Dr. Botkin announced in a soothing voice. “Leonid will be back. Everything will be fine.” Even the tsarina looked at him placidly and smiled and went back to chewing. But did anybody sitting at the table actually believe him? Did he even believe himself? TWENTY-TWO Jonah and Katherine and Chip told one another everything they’d witnessed and figured out since they’d gone in different directions. By then the

minutes ago.” Jonah wasn’t going to let this bit of news get past him. “You mean, all the kidnapped kids are in danger?” Jonah asked. “Even people like Andrea and Emily and Alex who lived out their pasts already?” JB put his hands on Jonah’s shoulders. “Don’t worry about it,” JB said. “We’ve got guards posted with everyone, whether they know it or not. Everything’s under control.” He gave Jonah one last pat on the shoulders and then went back out the door. Jonah did not feel comforted. He

man screamed at Daniella. For a moment Jonah thought he was suffering from double vision as a side effect of the timesickness, because now he could see two uniformed men holding two guns against two kids’ chests, and both chests were rising and falling in panicky breaths. Then he realized there really were two of everything: two men, two guns, and two kids—both Gavin and Daniella were pinned to the ground by soldiers holding guns. But—just those two? Jonah wondered. He turned his head

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