Shout at the Devil

Shout at the Devil

Wilbur A. Smith

Language: English

Pages: 309

ISBN: 1447208358

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Wilbur Smith's adventure tales are big, bold and unforgettable. In Shout at the Devil, the New York Times bestselling master storyteller takes us to a brutal paradise engulfed in the fires of civilization's war...

A man on his own...
They couldn't be anymore different: an earnest young Englishman named Sebastian Oldsmith and an Irish American adventurer named Flynn O'Flynn who never encounters a rule he doesn't break. Fate brings them together in Zanzibar. A sadistic German turns them into allies, then into warriors.

A woman in love...
From the moment Rosa O'Flynn lays eyes on Sebastian, Rosa finds the man she would love forever—never mind what plans her father has for her. But imperialism is shaking Mozambique, where O'Flynn is the craftiest, fiercest beast in the jungle. And when Rosa and Sebastian lose what is most precious, they join a band of rogues, natives, wanderers, and hunters to start their own war against an enemy who has nothing to fear—and everything to lose...

A hunt for the most dangerous prey of all...
From the sound and sight of a charging bull elephant to ships ablaze on the Indian Ocean, this is a full throttle saga of survival—against nature, man, and the devil himself...




















decidedly negroid. – 70 – ‘A thousand pounds!’ said Flynn O’Flynn as though it were a benediction, and he scooped another mugful of the black liquid and poured it over Sebastian Oldsmith’s clean-shaven scalp. ‘Think of it, Bassie, me lad, a thousand pounds! Your half share of that is five hundred. Why! You’ll be in a position to pay me back every penny you owe me. You’ll be out of debt at last.’ They were camped on the Abati river, one of the tributaries of the Rufiji. Six miles downstream

splashed, Sebastian shouted at the helmsman, ‘Go!’ and pointed downstream. Thankfully the Arab wrenched the tiller across. The dhow spun on her heel and pointed once more towards the sea. Silently, anxiously, Sebastian and his gun-boys lined the stern and gazed back at the bend of the channel. In the fists of each of them were clutched the short-barrelled elephant rifles, and their faces were set intently. The chug of the steam engine rose louder and still louder. ‘Shout as soon as it shows,’

stood by the rail and watched him depart. Dismissing the neat execution as though it had never happened, O’Flynn glared up at Sebastian and roared, ‘You’re a week late. I haven’t been able to do a goddamned thing until you got here. Now let’s get the flag up and start doing some work!’ – 4 – The formal annexation of Flynn O’Flynn’s island took place in the relative cool of the following morning. It had taken some hours for Flynn to convince Sebastian of the necessity of occupying the

he was experiencing discomfort from his rear end; nevertheless, he stood once again with his left arm extended and the right crossed over his chest. Glancing beyond Flynn, Sebastian saw his fiancée descending from the veranda. She was armed with a breadknife. ‘Rosa!’ Sebastian was alarmed. It was clear that Rosa would not stop at patricide to protect her love. ‘Rosa! What are you doing with that knife?’ ‘I’m going to stick him with it!’ ‘You’ll do no such thing,’ said Sebastian, but Flynn did

of the stall in her controls come alive again as she regained air-speed. The fluffy tops of the mangroves rushed up to meet him, and desperately he tried to ease her off. She was trying to respond, the fabric wrinkling along her wings as they flexed to the enormous pressure. He felt her lurch again as she touched the top branches, heard above the howl of the engine the faint crackling brush of the vegetation against her belly. Then suddenly, miraculously, she was clear; flying straight and level,

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