Sign of the Cross (Payne & Jones)

Sign of the Cross (Payne & Jones)

Chris Kuzneski

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0515142115

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

On a Danish shore, a Vatican priest is found—hanging on a cross. The next day, the same crime is repeated…this time in Asia and Africa. Meanwhile, deep in the legendary catacombs near Orvieto, Italy, an archeologist unearths a scroll dating back two thousand years, revealing secrets that could rock the foundations of Christianity. Its discovery makes him the most wanted criminal in all of Europe. But his most dangerous enemies operate outside the law of man...

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of art. The Hofburg became the official royal residence in 1533 when Ferdinand I of the Hapsburg dynasty moved into the imperial apartments. Since then, the Hofburg has housed five centuries of dignitaries including the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire (1533–1806), the Emperors of Austria (1806–1918), and the current Austrian federal president. The most interesting aspect of the building wasn’t a list of its former residents but rather what they did to the place while they were there. From 1278

Omen. That thought left his mind, though, when he saw Maria creep up behind Boyd. Just like that, Payne’s whole world flipped upside down. Something was going on, but he didn’t know what. Were there more guards than he could see? Were Boyd and Maria giving up? Or were he and Jones being double-crossed? Payne received his answer the moment he saw who was down below. It was the grinning face of Petr Ulster, his red cheeks glowing in the lights of the Great Hall. He looked up at Payne and said,

the weather.’ ‘Oui, I’m fine. It was a late night. Again.’ Dial smiled, not the least bit surprised that Toulon was hungover. His late-night carousing was one of the main reasons that Dial had been promoted ahead of him. That plus Interpol’s desire to have an American as the head of a division, a rarity in the European-dominated organization. ‘Out of curiosity, how much do you know about Shakespeare?’ ‘More than his own mother.’ ‘And what about the Bible?’ ‘More than Dan Brown. Why do you

little bearing on their safety. In Boyd’s mind he didn’t know whose side Dante was on until they’d reached the house, so he kept that information to himself. ‘Wait a second!’ Jones blurted. ‘You’re telling me we weren’t in danger at the quarry? Come on, I don’t buy that for a second. His guards did not want us to leave that mountain.’ Payne agreed. ‘He’s right, Doc. I’ve got bruises all over my body to prove it.’ Boyd frowned, not wanting to talk about injuries, not with his face looking like

emerge from the tomb in which he was forever sealed. Looking back with the wisdom of my many years, the latest of which I have spent repenting in this distant land while living on Roman treasures given to me for the secret task I didn’t achieve, I do regret, after his emergence from the cave, not searching for him in the streets of Jerusalem and falling to his feet and begging his forgiveness for what I had done. I despise myself for not joining his flock and spreading his word, for my presence

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