Spirit's End (Eli Monpress Book 5)

Spirit's End (Eli Monpress Book 5)

Rachel Aaron

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 0316198366

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Eli Monpress is clever, he's determined, and he's in way over his head.

First rule of thievery: don't be a hero. When Eli broke the rules and saved the Council Kingdoms, he thought he knew the price, but resuming his place as the Shepherdess's favorite isn't as simple as bowing his head. Now that she has her darling back, Benehime is setting in motion a plan that could destroy everything she was created to protect, and even Eli's charm might not be enough to stop her. But Eli Monpress always has a plan, and with disaster rapidly approaching, he's pulling in every favor he can think of to make it work, including the grudging help of the Spirit Court's new Rector, Miranda Lyonette.

But with the world in panic, the demon stirring, and the Lord of Storms back on the hunt, it's going to take more than luck and charm to pull Eli through this time. He's going to have to break a few more rules and work with some old enemies if he's going to survive.

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he continued. “One way or another, my number is going up. So which will it be, your majesty?” Josef sat up with a long sigh. “When do we leave?” “That’s more like it,” Eli said, starting off toward the edge of the clearing where Slorn and Pele were talking with the trees of the Awakened Wood. “And we leave as soon as I thank our hosts.” “Wait a moment, Eli,” Josef said, standing up. Eli stopped and looked over his shoulder to see his swordsman lift the Heart of War and look at it for a long

surprise. “Vanished? But you said—” “I know,” Mellinor said. “Old, ancient, enormous, how could it vanish? It was a star. But it did. One moment I was flowing through the dark with the Deep Current; the next it was gone. Just disappeared, like it was yanked out of the ocean.” “I don’t understand,” Miranda said. “What did you do?” “The only thing I could do,” Mellinor said. “The bottom of the sea was still for the first time ever. I was surrounded by abandoned water without a will or mind of

tells you more about them than any simple observation,” Lelbon said sagely. “Watching a man bake may tell you he’s a baker, but learning what he would pay to know tells you infinitely more about the man himself.” Miranda sighed. “Well, it seems like an overly elaborate setup to me.” “It is,” Lelbon said. “But my Lord Illir enjoys it immensely. Plus, it keeps the winds busy. They can be a handful if left to their own devices.” Miranda thought of Eril and agreed heartily. “So,” she said,

found it, because the Shepherdess leaned in and kissed him. It was a hard kiss, crushing his lips against her burning skin, but when she leaned back, the distance between them felt final. Real. I always did like you best at your most defiant, she said, smiling. Very well, you’ve got your chance. But I’m warning you, Eliton, I will hold you to every letter of our deal. You have to do it all yourself, no using my power, no showing your mark. And the moment you get in over your head, the second you

Whitefall, of all people—” “He asked me,” Sparrow said, pleading. “And how did he know?” Sara snapped. “I told you. Whitefall always finds out,” Sparrow said. “Not that fast,” Sara said, eyeing him suspiciously. Sparrow looked aghast. “Surely you don’t think I did it? You’re the only lifeline I’ve got, Sara. I’d never betray you.” “Then why did you bring my son to Alber?” “He’s my boss, too,” Sparrow said, exasperated. “I can’t just—” He cut off with a wince as Sara’s hand slipped inside

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