Spy Killer (Mystery & Suspense Short Stories Collection)

Spy Killer (Mystery & Suspense Short Stories Collection)

L. Ron Hubbard

Language: English

Pages: 121

ISBN: 1592123023

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

American Sailor Kurt Reid is a hothead and a hard case—a man who hits first and asks questions later.  As scrappy and rough around the edges as Jimmy Cagney, it’s no wonder that when the ship’s captain turns up dead, it’s Reid who takes the rap.

Falsely accused and under the gun, Reid jumps ship and vanishes into Shanghai —only to get caught in a web of intrigue, betrayal, and murder.  In a world where nothing is what it seems and everything is for sale, he’s soon out of his depth, drawn into a spy game in which the winner takes all . . . and the loser takes a knife to the back.

Will Reid live up to his reputation as the Spy Killer? He’ll have to learn the rules fast, because with players like sexy Russian agent Varinka Savischna in the hunt, the game is about to turn as seductive as it is sinister. 

As a young man, Hubbard visited pre-Communist China three times, where his closest friend headed up British intelligence.  In a land where communists, nationalists, war lords and foreign adventurers schemed for control, Hubbard gained a unique insight into the intelligence operations and spy-craft in the region—a knowledge that informs stories like Spy Killer.

 “Vividly written, super-fast-paced.” —Ellery Queen

















I was glad you got away,” said Kurt, feeling very uneasy. “Never worry about me,” replied Varinka. “There’s a panel and a secret staircase, and another door in that house, in the native city.” “I still can’t figure out about my escape, though.” Varinka laughed at him and hugged her knees. “I knew that you were to be let loose from the Rangoon, and so I placed a sampan near the ship so that you wouldn’t have to swim ashore. You must have evaded the men Lin Wang sent to follow you, but my man

to see that no one else in the room could hear. “Tell them for the love of God to get the cholera antitoxin to us if they expect to find any of us alive after this is over. Tell them Asiatic cholera is certain to follow, has already begun. And then tell them that we’ve got to have money—gold. Our checks and paper are no good and the food is running low.” The young operator precariously perched his cigarette on the already burned edge of his table and began to make the bug click and quiver. A

few minutes later he beckoned to the consul. “They say the USS Miami is already proceeding down the coast with both the serum and the money.” “Damned little good that will do us,” moaned Jackson. “A cruiser can’t come two hundred miles inland.” “They said they’d try to get it through to us, sir. They want to know how long we can hold out.” Jackson ran bony fingers through his awry white hair and looked around him. He singled out a fat little man whose eyes were so deep in his head they could

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. . “I could have given you so much,” said Anne, accusingly. “I could have made you a king of captains, but you were frightened, weren’t you?” Kurt laughed, embarrassed. “I didn’t want to be known as Anne Carsten’s husband. I wanted to be Mr. Reid, not Mr. Carsten.” “You told me that I had been made for silk and spice, that I belonged in luxury and that your path led through hardship, that you wanted your woman to be as bold as yourself. Silly thoughts, weren’t they? But then, it might have

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