Sword Art Online 11: Alicization Turning

Sword Art Online 11: Alicization Turning

Reki Kawahara

Language: English

Pages: 372

ISBN: 2:00330005

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kirito and Eugeo are now second years at the Sword Mastery Academy and placed fifth and sixth in the top twelve. One day they are requested by their valets to help another valet who is being made to do embarrassing tasks. They break the Taboo Index and, consequently, are arrested by Alice, who is now an Integrity Knight, and sent to the Axiom Church prison. In prison, the two boys realize that they can break out but are intercepted by the Integrity Knight Eldrie Woolsburg.

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Swordsman-in-training, Sir Eugeo. What are your opinions on gaining employment in the Imperial Acrobatics Troupe after graduation?" "...I am very much in your debt for the concern you have granted me, Swordsman-in-training Antinous." He tried omitting the «Head» and «-dono» as a rebuff at the very least, but Raios showed no indication of minding it and returned a composed nod before he started on the walk towards the entryway. Humbert who followed after him glared at Eugeo with the corners

it's just a kintobi fox, isn't it? There are plenty of those even on the trees growing around the districts." "Heh... That reminds me, you were born in the central, huh, Teiza. Is your home nearby?" "My home is in the 8th district, so it's a little far from the 5th district that the academy is in." "I see... nn, eh?" Eugeo turned to look again at Teiza who was walking by his side. Even the novice trainee uniform that he wore and thought was a little tasteless last year looked strangely refined

thought suddenly came to Eugeo. Eugeo's aim for studying the sword was to meet Alice again, while Teiza and Ronie probably did it for raise their family's honor. And Kirito had said that his aim was the same as Eugeo whenever he was asked. Of course, he had no intention of doubting his friendship, but there was a hunch he had at times. That Kirito did not go through sword practice for the sake of attaining something, but that his aim might just be to master the way of the sword itself. That

everything except his underwear once or twice a month. However, that was to confirm how his muscles were and to point out the training he lacked, without even a single trace of dubious implication. But even if he were to refute it that way, Raios and Humbert would probably get ahead of themselves even further and mock not only Eugeo, but Gorgolosso as well. That was why Sword Art Online Volume 11 – Alicization Turning Chapter 5 – Seal of the Right Eye Eugeo tried his best to hold on and

multiplied with a sharp pain running through his wrist and shoulder. The two cen it was pushed back by was instantly taken back and the two wooden swords clashed back where they started. —What is this power!? Barely stopping it, Eugeo opened his eyes wide. Humbert, who doesn't work up a sweat much typically and spends all his time inspecting the forms of styles, even when he comes to the practice arena, should not possess this much strength. If this wasn't physical strength... is this the

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