Sword Art Online 8: Early and Late

Sword Art Online 8: Early and Late

Reki Kawahara

Language: English

Pages: 393

ISBN: 2:00330002

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 08 is a collection of three side stories:

A Murder Case in the Area (Aincrad 57th floor, April 2024)
Calibur (Alfheim, December 2025)
First Day (Aincrad, 1st Floor, November 2022)

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the design of this weapon was really spine-chilling. Of course, this weapon that was designed to kill players isn’t anything good. I looked away from the drop only I could see, and used a very soft voice to say to this longspear user, “I saved you time on inspecting this item. The name of this weapon is «Guilty Thorn», and the blacksmith that made it was «Grimlock».” There was an obvious reaction. Schmitt immediately widened his narrowed eyes as his mouth opened wide, letting out a hoarse

grumbling kid, and on seeing this, Heathcliff smiled and continued, 86 Sword Art Online Volume 8 – Early and Late A Murder Case in the Area “If someone was to use a short spear that is not exactly a highrank item to take down a middle-level tank…I think that person will have to be at least level 100 to do so.” “100!!???” Asuna immediately cried out in panic. The rapier user widened her ground-yellow eyes and turned to look at Heathcliff, and then me, and then back and forth again, before

Yolko-san today?” 103 Sword Art Online Volume 8 – Early and Late A Murder Case in the Area I move my arms aside, and Asuna seemed to be rather bothered. “Who knows…don’t tell me…he’s been secretly admiring her…un, probably not.” “Eh, really!?” I couldn’t help but look back at that stiff-looking Schmitt, but Asuna immediately pulled my collar to prevent me from doing so. “I said it’s not! Anyway…if there’s no danger, we just have to see if Yolko-san’s willing. I’ll send a message to her to

eyes, and this time, what was ingrained in my mind was a female profile with deep purple wavy hair. “…It’s atonement for lying to us and proof that she trusted us. Even if we noticed the record on the friend list and found out that she’s 156 Sword Art Online Volume 8 – Early and Late A Murder Case in the Area still alive, we could deduce their true intent and not prevent them from baiting Schmitt. Asuna, try tracking Yolko-san’s position.” I open my eyes as I said that. Asuna nodded and

«Golden Apple» was the leader, so it was best for her to use it.” Right beside Yolko, Caynz showed an awkward expression. But Yolko didn’t mind at all as she continued to say with action. “As for those words, I could still remember every single word the leader said. That person smiled as she said this —— in SAO, one hand can only be equipped with one ring. My right hand is equipped with the seal of the guild leader, and…the marriage ring on my left hand can’t be removed, so I can’t use it. DID

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