Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, Book 4)

Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, Book 4)

Adam Blade, Cherith Baldry

Language: English

Pages: 27

ISBN: 2:00310807

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One boy's journey to help his village becomes a quest to save the kingdom. Features a fearsome new beast in every book!
A mysterious force has been creeping over the plains of Avantia. The animals are stampeding, and brush fires sweep the prairie. The farmers are spooked--whispers of a mysterious horseman are spreading as fast as the stampedes. And now that someone has disappeared on a cattle drive, suspicion runs high.
Tom and Elenna speed to the plains to stop Tagus the Night Mare before he can do any more damage. But Tom ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is mistakenly thrown in jail. Can he win the trust of the people--and his own freedom--before it's too late to stop Tagus?

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he could clear a wide enough break in front of the fire’s path, it would have nowhere to go. Running and chopping, Tom cleared a large swath of grass. The dragon scale in his shield kept him safe from the blaze. He did it again and again until the flames had nothing left to consume and began to die down. As the fire flickered out, Tom collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. His face was covered in soot and he was coughing from all the smoke he had inhaled. “Let’s rest a bit before moving on,”

Quest secret. “If that’s the way you want it,” said Adam. It was clear his patience was running thin. The band of men stopped outside a big stone building. Two guards stood by the door. Tom began to panic as he realized where he was. “No!” he exclaimed. “You can’t put me in there.” Still keeping a firm grip on Tom’s shoulder, Adam turned to face the men. “Go back to your homes,” he ordered. “I’ll see that justice is done.” “Make sure that you do!” someone yelled from the back of the crowd.

still saw nothing. The sky in the east grew pale as dawn approached. The danger seemed to be over for another night. But Tom was desperate to find Tagus. When would he appear? Every muscle in Tom’s body was tensed with anticipation. Tom was about to climb down from the tree when he spotted a black outline where the sky was the brightest — right on the other side of the river. “Tagus!” Tom whispered under his breath. At last! It was a powerful figure, half man, half horse. As Tom stared, the

his arm and dragged him into the shelter of a jutting rock. “Maybe we should wait for him to come to us.” “We can’t,” Tom said. “If we let him cross the river, he’ll be close enough to attack. We need to stop him from crossing.” “But how?” Elenna asked, a worried look on her face. “I’ve got an idea,” Tom said bravely. “Give me the rope. I’ll ride out with Storm.” Tom grabbed Storm’s reins and hoisted himself onto the saddle, leaving Elenna and Silver to keep watch. He hated to bring his horse

into battle, but it was necessary. It was the only way he could cross the river quickly enough. Storm gave a nervous whinny and Tom patted his mane. “I know, boy, I’m scared, too,” Tom said, reassuring his horse. “But I know you can do it. You outran Ferno the Fire Dragon, and now I need you to outrun Tagus.” Storm reared up and charged toward the river. As he plunged into the water, Tom gasped. The water was ice-cold and moving fast. Storm fought his way across, but the current was strong and

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