Tear of the Gods (Rogue Angel, Book 31)

Tear of the Gods (Rogue Angel, Book 31)

Alex Archer, Joseph Nassise

Language: English

Pages: 181

ISBN: 2:00307152

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It started as a dream—a redheaded warrior king fought and died for his men centuries ago. The dream would lead archaeologist Annja Creed to the king's undisturbed corpse…and one of England's greatest mythical artifacts. Deep in an archaeological dig in England's Midlands, Annja locates a braided necklace around a mummified king's neck. Made of an unusual material—not quite obsidian, but gleaming with multihued color—the torc is an astonishing find. But someone knows exactly what the torc means. And he will do anything to get his hands on the Tear of the Gods. When the dig is compromised and innocent archaeologists are slain, even Annja herself is left for dead. Now she is fleeing for her life, not knowing the terrifying truth about the relic she risks everything to protect—or the devastating consequences should it fall into the wrong hands….

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trying to get away from the killer Mercedes behind you. It wasn’t like she could stop and challenge them to a sword fight. “Why would they want to do that?” Gary asked, and then before she had time to answer, followed that with a quick, “Hold on!” as he jerked the wheel to the right, avoiding the sudden rush by the vehicle behind them as it tried again to ram the back of their car. Rather than attempting to explain the past twenty-four hours to him, Annja simply answered, “I have no idea.” He

unearthed in an isolated peat bog several hours north of London in the West Midlands. She’d been invited to the site just over a week earlier by an old friend from the British Museum, Oxford University professor Craig Stevens. From what he’d explained over the phone, a pair of farmers had reported seeing a head staring up at them out of the bog while they were out hunting. Further investigation revealed that the two men hadn’t been hunting at all, but rather running an industrious little

discovered that one of the earliest images depicting Celtic gods and warriors wearing a torc around their necks could be found on the side of a silver cauldron from the first century unearthed at Gundestrup in Denmark. While it was interesting reading, it was all general in nature and not particularly helpful with identifying the one she had in her possession. Annja turned her attention next to the carvings of the eagles that adorned the clasps on the torc. She knew that in many cultures the

support if there was anything he could do for her. Annja needed help; she was going to call in that favor. There was a moment of hesitation and then Stephan said, “Just a moment, please, ma’am.” She heard the receiver being placed on the desk and then the sound of a door closing somewhere on the other side. A second later Stephan was back on the line with her. “Annja! I saw you on the news! Are you all right?” Just as she feared, word of the attack had gone international, thanks in no small

waiting to arrest her on the other side. She used her fake passport to slip through customs without being stopped. Half an hour after arriving in France, she was on board a train bound for Paris. She slept as soon as she was settled on the train, trying to catch up on what she had missed the nights before. It was an uneasy sleep, however, full of phantom figures chasing her through the streets and she felt no more rested when she awoke. Grabbing a cup of coffee at a café in the train station,

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