The Adventurous Four - Trapped!

The Adventurous Four - Trapped!

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1841357367

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Title: The Adventurous Four Trapped! <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: EnidBlyton <>Publisher: AwardPublicationsLtd

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and fetch it! The men left a lamp in the cave for Tom. It was getting late and the boy was tired-but he could not sleep. He heard the men go out, and he knew a sentry had been placed by the rocks. He could not hope to escape. But he could try! So, very quietly, he made his way through the rocky archway, down to the shore-cave below. But his feet set the stones moving here and there, and a voice came out of the darkness He could not understand what was said to him, but the voice was so stern

rise. The children slipped across the island and came to the beach where they had first landed, after their wreck. They looked at their poor fishing-boat, still jammed between the rocks. Certainly it had moved a little-it was not leaning so much to one side. They stood and looked at it. The tide was not very high yet, and it was possible to reach the boat without too much difficulty. It was not long before all the children had reached their boat, and were clambering up the wet and slippery

straight before him, thinking hard. ”Andy-what are you thinking about?” asked Tom at last. “You look so stern. You’re not angry with us, are you?” ”No,” said Andy. “We all did our best-and we’ve got to do our best again, I tell you, Tom, we’ve got to leave this island! Somehow, we’ve got to get away and tell our secret. No matter what happens to any of us we must try to get home and tell all we have seen! As long as the enemy remain hidden in these islands, able to come here whenever they need

opened a tin of peaches. They ate an apple each, broke a bar of chocolate into four pieces, and then drank some hot cocoa. It was a good meal and they enjoyed it. The sun was now almost gone and the first star was shining brightly. ”Well, we’ve had an adventurous day,” said Jill, yawning. “I slept all the morning-but I feel awfully sleepy again already.” ”We’ll turn in early,” said Andy. “I’m tired too.” ”We can’t clean our teeth,” said Jill, who was always very particular about nails and

very dry.” Tom stamped out the fire. The girls filled the tent with more, heather. Andy took the largest rug and spread it all over the springy pile. ”You girls can sleep on this side of the tent, and Tom and I will take the other,” he said. “There are plenty of rugs, luckily.” Nobody undressed. For one thing they had no night-clothes, and for another they didn’t even think of it Life seemed quite different on an unknown island. Nobody even thought of going to wash-though Tom’s hair smelt so

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