The Answer (Animorphs, Book 53)

The Answer (Animorphs, Book 53)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 63

ISBN: 2:00280609

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The battle is still raging, and it’s out-and-out war. Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax have found a way to slow the Yeerks down, but now the Yeerks have decided the best way to win is to just destroy everything and everyone who gets in their way.     

Just when things look more than hopeless, Jake and the others discover help where they least expected: Taxxons. Creatures so foul and heartless it’s almost hard to believe that they are capable of having any feelings. But Jake and the others soon discover that the Taxxon resistance has its own problems with the Yeerks. And, for once, it looks like Earth may have a chance. . . .


The Lost Key (A Brit in the FBI, Book 2)
















firing position. They were going to kill everyone, friend and foe alike. They were doing our work for us. But we would surely die as well. Hork-Bajir-Controllers were running for it, scrambling up out of the pit. Marco muttered. And then, what I had warned against, had foreseen . . . and forgotten. The ground opened beneath me and I fell. Chapter 9

three days or die. The Bug fighters rose to greet their mother, swarming around the Pool ship, bristling, daring anyone to attack. The Pool ship waddled down out of the sky, shouldering through the clouds. And gently, delicately, ever-so-tentatively, it rested its bulk on terra firma. Marco whispered reverently. Then he laughed harshly.

my head. Why? What was the problem? What was it?

drawing Dracon weapons but afraid of firing here in the sanctuary. We blew through them before they could make up their minds. A pair of Taxxons, evidently not members of Arbron's group, came slithering out to do battle. Cassie and Tobias tore one up badly enough that his brother would finish him off. More Hork-Bajir. A slashing, close-in battle, and we were away again. Now the word would reach Visser One. I hoped. Hoped. He had to come to the bridge. If he stayed in engineering he would turn

just assaulting the base without knowing we were here. In which case it was just a typically crude Visser-One move. Ax had demorphed. In his Andalite form he was a blue-furred centaur with a pair of extra eyes on movable stalks and a tail like a chef's knife tied to the end of a bullwhip. Rachel and Tobias were both well into morphing Hork-Bajir. When fighting Hork-Bajir-Controllers there is nothing quite as useful as having a few of our own to confuse things. "Let me up," General Doubleday

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