The Arrival (Animorphs, Book 38)

The Arrival (Animorphs, Book 38)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 55

ISBN: 2:00280579

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Andalites have finally arrived on Earth. The Animorphs and Ax now have allies willing to fight against the Yeerk invasion. But there are only four Andalites. Not nearly enough to defeat thousands of Yeerks. Not enough to stop humans from being infected.     

So, everyone agrees that the battle must continue. But the Andalites don't want to fight alongside humans. They feel their skills will be less than adequate. And they demand that Ax choose a side. Will Ax stay with his friends . . . or stand with his people?

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saying. "Ax?" Prince Jake prompted. I shook my head. What was there to say? Prince Jake frowned. "Then what do we want to do?" "I know what I'm going to do." Rachel angrily kicked a metal bucket. It clattered along the dirt floor of the barn. Two injured geese sent up an alarmed gabble. A small brown rabbit who had been sitting beside a bale of hay dove into a stall and disappeared from sight. Five or six grackles who had been pecking in the dirt squawked and flew up into the rafters.

Side by side, we trotted through the cool, dark night toward the main building. The Visitors' Center. Outside the building was something Jake and Marco called a "vending machine." A large glass box containing delicious foods. No cinnamon buns or jelly beans. But many other things that would delight Estrid. I turned and delivered a

out of this." "We can't just stand by while innocent people get hurt." Marco shrugged. "Speak for yourself." "Where is Jake?" Cassie demanded. "He'll help me." Marco took the magazine from Cassie's hand and reclined again. "Don't count on it." "Why? Where is he?" "I'm in here," a voice answered. Cassie peered over the door of one of the stalls. "Jake! What are you doing there?" Prince Jake's head emerged. "Hiding. Tom's been picking on me all afternoon. I can't take it anymore." "Then

time," Cassie continued. "But. . ." "But we have to be realistic," Marco finished. "This might be the fleet. Or it might be some fresh hell." Prince Jake crossed his arms. "How do we know these new Andalites aren't Yeerks with Andalite host bodies?" Tobias agreed. I protested. "In a world where slugs can take over entire civilizations, anything is possible," Marco reminded me.

emotion. I was not equally controlled. I jerked involuntarily. Prince Jake's eye narrowed. "So you're here to . . ." Arbat answered. Chapter 11 "Revenge is pointless and immoral," Cassie insisted. "Revenge is just another word for justice," Rachel said, her face hardening. "He's talking about killing his own brother," Cassie argued. "He had a chance. Back at the

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