The Berets (Brotherhood of War (Book 5)

The Berets (Brotherhood of War (Book 5)

W.E.B. Griffin

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 0515090204

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

They were the chosen ones--and the ones to be the best. Never before had the United States given so select a group of fighting men such punishing preparation. Now they were heading for their ultimate test of skill and nerve and sacrifice, in a war unlike any they or their country had ever fought a land that most of America still knew nothing about...Vietnam.




















makes you ask that?” Ellis asked. “You didn’t knock her up?” Parker asked. “Jesus Christ!” Ellis flared. “Sorry,” Parker said, deducing correctly that Ellis’s personal reasons were indeed Dianne Eaglebury and that he had in fact been in her pants. It was Parker’s belief that never is a woman’s virtue more strongly defended than by someone who has talked her out of it and is contemplating matrimony with the lady in question. “She’s not that kind of a girl,” Ellis said, confirming Parker’s

anybody who laughs at me wearing this?” “We expect it of you, Colonel,” MacMillan said, then stood up and went to him and pinned the parachutist’s wings to his tunic pocket. (Three) Apartment 2-C, Building Q-404 14 Carentan Terrace NCO Housing Area Fort Bragg, North Carolina 1045 Hours, 3 March 1962 Ursula Wagner came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of pants labeled SATURDAY and nothing else. Geoffrey Craig, who was lying in the bed naked under the sheet, had several thoughts. He

who’s a colonel, was married to a German woman,” Geoffrey said. “She was killed in an automobile accident a long time ago.” “He’s an officer, he married a German lady,” Ursula said. “He would think what your mother and father would think.” “Well, we’ll find out soon enough,” Geoffrey said. “What do you mean?” “I am not to ‘run away’ after the parade. Tourtillot said that a ‘Colonel Lowell’ wants to see me.” “I am not going,” she said. “You’ll go if I have to carry you over my shoulder,” he

telephone up. “He is to be tried before a general court on several charges,” he said, as much to Bellmon and Roberts as to Porter Craig, “the most significant of which is that he committed an assault upon a noncommissioned officer in the execution of his office.” “A general court?” General Roberts asked. There are three levels of army courts-martial: summary, special, and general. General courts-martial are those empowered to impose the most severe penalties. “They’re apparently trying to sock

and that alarmed him more than the bantering had. Dempster, one by one, manipulated Geoff’s fingers. “If that causes pain, speak up,” he said. It felt strange, but there was no pain. “No pain?” Dempster asked. “No.” “And if the Jackson TWX is to be believed, this somewhat sloppy cast has been in place for ten days?” “Yes,” Geoff said. “The doctor said it would be on there for ten days to two weeks.” “The most recent medical literature with which I am familiar,” Master Sergeant Dempster

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