The Black Sun (Tom Kirk Series)

The Black Sun (Tom Kirk Series)

James Twining

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0060762217

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It is a secret that has been hidden for more than a half-century. The clues have been scattered across the globe. Now someone has begun to piece them together. And the future of the world depends on their being stopped in time.

In Maryland, a vicious gang breaks into the National Cryptologic Museum and steals a Nazi Enigma machine. In a London hospital, an Auschwitz survivor is murdered in his bed, his killers making off with a macabre trophy: the old man's severed left arm. In Prague, a seemingly worthless painting is stolen from a synagogue.

Three cities. Three thefts.

Could there possibly be a connection?

Former art thief Tom Kirk certainly sees no reason to link the crimes when he is first asked to investigate. But when the stolen painting turns up alongside the amputated arm, he realizes that he has uncovered an elaborate trail of clues laid down in the dying days of the Third Reich by a secret order of SS knights. Clues leading to a fabled treasure lost in the ashes of war that is the key to a deadly game where the ultimate prize is life itself—Tom's included.

Trojan Horse (24 Declassified, Book 3)

Monsoon (Courtney Family, Book 10)

Sabotaged (Missing, Book 3)

Pole to Pole: One Man, 20 Million Steps

Warlock (Ancient Egyptian, Book 3)





















mouth and flicking it away. The butt sailed through the air and struck the branches above where they were crouched, exploding in a firework of orange sparkles that melted into the air. A name was called and, grumbling, the man turned and floated out of sight. They continued around the side of the mountain, keeping the edge of the path above them in sight at all times, until, the noise fading slightly, they felt that they had moved a safe distance beyond the main center of activity. “I’ll go

out the old-fashioned way, with picks and shovels. Large wooden frames had been positioned every fifteen feet or so to buttress the roof, age having buckled and colored them until they seemed almost to have petrified and become part of the mountain itself, gray and heavy. Tom paused and aimed his flashlight at the ceiling where blast marks had scorched the stone. “Do you see that?” Archie nodded. “Looks like some sort of explosive was sunk in there—dynamite, probably—to collapse the roof.”

Müller, although no one’s ever seen him to confirm it. To be honest, we don’t know a huge amount about them.” Tom shrugged. “And?” “And from the little we do know, these aren’t your regular skinheads cruising around the suburbs looking for immigrants to beat up. They’re a sophisticated paramilitary organization who are still fighting a war that the rest of us think ended in 1945.” “Hence the name?” It was more a statement than a question. Tom knew his history well enough to guess that Kristall

The hotel, lovingly crafted from the careful blending of four… Chapter Twenty-Five The Order of the Death’s Head?” The voice from the… Chapter Twenty-Six The season was in full swing and Kitzbühel’s snow-laden streets… Chapter Twenty-Seven So there were twelve members of the Order?” Tom asked. Chapter Twenty-Eight Finally, we get to the train.” Hecht sighed sarcastically. Chapter Twenty-Nine Given that it was the only stained-glass window in the… Chapter Thirty

Room?” Viktor stepped forward, her voice eager. “Is that what this is all about?” “Maybe,” Tom said slowly, silently cursing Turnbull’s indiscretion. “But it’s just a myth.” “What do you know about it?” Archie challenged her. “Viktor—the old Viktor—told me all about it.” “Why, what was his interest?” “He was obsessed with the war. I’ve got a room downstairs full of his old maps and uniforms and flags. He even had an old Enigma machine restored so that he could use it to send messages to one

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