Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee (Leaders in Action)

Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee (Leaders in Action)

J Steven Wilkins

Language: English

Pages: 332

ISBN: 1888952237

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Although the Civil War was the bitterest epoch of American experience -- dividing families, sundering communities, and enforcing fierce regional enmity -- Robert E. Lee was admired and respected by partisans from both sides. This volume examines the attributes of life and service that enabled Lee to become a model of leadership for all time.

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disappointed. If he’d come on Monday, it would have been fish and chips. Across the table sat a burly, older man of perhaps sixteen years. He had a full beard studded with bits of food. Little pig eyes stared out from beneath a scarred, tanned brow. The man had an ax slung over one shoulder. Grimluk fingered his own hatchet and winced to realize that the ax was maybe three times bigger. “Hi,” Grimluk said. “How’s the gruel here?” The man made a deep, grumbly sound that might have been a sort

for trouble. I have a math test.” “We choose not our enemies. Your foes are the foes of your blood. For in your veins runs the blood true of the Magnifica.” “Is that Latin?” “You are called, young hero. Called! To save the world from the nameless evil.” “What’s the name of this nameless evil?” Mack asked. “The Pale Queen! But we name her not.” “You just did.” The old man looked irritated at being caught in a contradiction. “I am trying to move things along. I don’t have a lot of time. My

frozen, he could not know. At some point he fell asleep. While asleep he continued to clutch the armrest. He woke hungry to find that there was a meal—of sorts—on the fold-down table. Stefan was eating his. “You’ve been moaning,” Stefan said. “What was I moaning?” “‘We’re going to die,’” Stefan said, and chewed a piece of meat. “You kept moaning it in your sleep.” “What happened to the lady who was sitting here?” Mack asked. “She found another seat.” Mack felt a little offended. But not

shoulders. He tugged at the back of his T-shirt. He rolled his neck a little, loosening the muscles there. He wasn’t going to win this fight, but he was going to try. Stefan walked straight toward him, his overly adult biceps barely contained by his T-shirt sleeves. Stefan had pecs. Stefan had muscles in his neck. He had muscles in places where all Mack had was soft, yielding flab. Mack walked toward him and oh, boy, you could have heard a pin drop. So everyone certainly heard it when Santiago

trick. Ha-ha-ha! See? I’m getting the joke.” “Ha-ha-ha!” the other Mack echoed. And he made a grin with the mouth below the nostril-less nose. The mouth revealed white tooth. Not teeth. Tooth. The entire line of teeth was a curved white solid surface. The two Macks stared at each other for a while, although Mack Number One did the better job of staring since the other Mack’s eyes tended not to point in quite the same direction. The right eye was fine, staring confidently at Mack’s face. But the

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